Find Your True North

Find Your True North
September 2, 2013 Sarah Stewart

TrueNorthI chased the idea of the inner me – my True North – for many years. Even now that I have found what I believe to be my True North, I stay dedicated to this path by taking the time to regroup and surround myself with those who see the world as I do. My favorite way to do this is at WANDERLUST [], most recently at the top of Copper Mountain. Here I worked with others in a combination of yoga, music, nature and pure inspiration. The theme of WANDERLUST is to find your “True North,” which reminded me what it was like to search for my purpose and, even better, what it was like to find mine.

Many people would call finding your True North “living with purpose.” While there is no way to fast-forward through your experiences or your life’s journey, you can more readily name your own True North if you take a few specific steps. These steps help you identify with who you really are and what it is that will bring you ultimate joy and happiness.

1.     Go outside! For those who are city-bound, this does not simply mean walk amongst the buildings. Nature takes you back to your alpha mind state, helping you really feel the earth around you and, in turn, your place in it. Nature attaches to your inner lifecycle and inspires you in ways man-made things cannot. Being outside on a daily basis can really change how you live and, more importantly, how you feel.

2.     Find people who inspire you. These should be the type of people you want to be when you “grow up.” Parents and family are great role models, but to transcend your circumstances, you have to find other sources of inspiration. When you find them, read their books, follow their stories, and build your own thoughts from their teachings. Often, they will become a mirror of your own weaknesses and insecurities and help you find a way past them. The interconnectivity of living beings means growing from those who have blazed the trail before you. Instead of building it all on your own, you have an inspirational road map.

3.     Get a coach. Find a great coach – someone who inspires you and who is also working on their own purpose. Being accountable to someone else is important. A good coach will praise you when you do well, encourage you when you feel hopeless, and help to point you in the right direction when you get off track. The power within you is what will guide you, you just sometimes need a bit of help to harness it.

4.     Meditate and stop over-thinking. In a world of constant information, this might be one of the most difficult things to do, yet it is one of the most important. You have to turn off the noise, and that includes your own voice. Your voice becomes tainted with judgment and outside perceptions. Meditation frees you of your thinking and points you on the path to your own personal enlightenment. When you free yourself from ego and appearance, you open yourself up to true joy and your true North.

5.     Take a snapshot of your past. There is no point in dwelling on your past; you can’t change it, but it remains an excellent learning tool. Looking at your past briefly can remind you that you are stronger than you might think. You need to remember your past struggles – not for the struggle, but for the eventual victory. Your past struggles can often provide a glimpse into where you can do your best work because, as a result of these struggles, you have learned compassion and love. These feelings help propel you forward on your path.

6.     Live beyond current circumstances. Money, time, work, etc all drag you down and make you feel trapped in your current reality. You have to live beyond what you have now and believe in what you can become. As the Law of Attraction states, living within the mindset of the future version you helps the future come to you.

7.     Positive thoughts, feelings, and energy. Do you ever wonder how bad things happen repeatedly to the same people? They vibrate from a level of negativity, and it brings forth more and more negative things. You have to focus your personal vibration on success. This means keeping positive and redirecting your thoughts when they go to the bad place. Do whatever you can to make your journey joyful.

8.     Embrace fear. You are never going to completely get rid of fear. So instead, you must harness the energy behind that fear and embrace it. We often feel afraid of the things about which we care most. Understanding that fear occurs when we are about to do something we have never done, but not letting that fear stop you from acting is the way to your authentic North.

Identifying your internal bliss is not something that is going to happen overnight, but you move closer to it everyday you announce to the Universe that you are looking for it. This type of focus and declaration helps you discover your purpose. And once you do, your life will forever be altered in the most amazing way.


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About the Author:  Sarah Anne Stewart

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