Embracing our shadow

Embracing our shadow
May 1, 2013 Amy Miller



Our shadow parts are the darkest parts of our being that we hide away from the world in the hope they will stay hidden and we won’t be judged.  These are the parts we perceive as bad (such as anger, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, guilt, shame, hate, lies, intolerance, impatience, manipulation), when in actual fact these are qualities within us that want to be acknowledged and released to the light. These are the parts of us that want to be owned, not shoved down in the deepest depths of our being.

A shadow aspect will show up in our lives when it is ready to be transformed. As we grow spiritually and seek enlightenment, it is not possible to hold onto darkness. Thus we must process the dysfunctional patterns, misbehaviours, acting out, addictions, fears, insecurities, mistakes and misjudgements. As spiritual beings it may seem that we have it tough and go through numerous trials and tests but there is hope at the end as we own our light and power. We must recognise the shadow process, embrace it and trust that it can evolve into light.

The process involves acknowledging, healing and transforming these aspects. However, first we need to recognise them. It’s easier to recognise the effect of the shadow than the actual shadow itself. The easiest way to do this is to review and assess our judgement of others.  This judgement can be positive or negative and when it appears you will notice it as a very strong and prominent reaction.  This is a sign that the shadow part of us wants attention so it can be brought to the surface to be transformed. Keeping it hidden will only make it worse.

Examples of judgement in relation to shadow aspects wanting to grow and be healed are:

–          Jealousy of others. We see something in someone that we want ourselves.  This can be an indication that we too can possess similar gifts but we are not owning them. This shadow encourages us to own our gifts.

–          Anger towards someone, an indication that our own strengths are not being recognised. This shadow appearing shows that a strength is growing in us and to act on it.

–          Shame, an indication that we are hiding and not stepping into our power. An opportunity to be more supportive of self, to own our presence and power.

–          Bitterness, an indication that we’re keeping things to ourselves and preventing our gifts being shared. The shadow encourages us to open up more.

–          Manipulating others, an indication that our needs are not being owned and we are controlling others.  An opportunity to let go of control and be more direct in our desires.


Working with the shadow, bringing ourselves into the light, can be uncomfortable, stressful and painful.  It can be very difficult to grasp as we are working with the unconscious trying to emerge into our conscious awareness.

It requires courage to work with the parts of us that we perceive as bad or out of our reach. Recognising that bringing the shadow to the light can help us move forward is the key. Realising we can grow and evolve. To do this we must be willing to meet and release the judgement and shadows within that have been holding us back.

The gift and rewards – opportunity, freedom, peace and enlightenment.


Photo Credit:  Photography: Elizabeth Messina


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image1Amy Miller is an Intuitive Healer and creator of the blog True Shining Self, a space designed to encourage people to be true to themselves and live a shiny, wonderful life.

Amy is passionate about living the life of her dreams and she hopes that by sharing her journey it will encourage others to live to their full potential and follow what their heart longs for in life too.







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