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What is divine guidance?

It is the advice and guidance that we receive from a higher power. It is the advice that leads us in the right direction for our highest good. Divine guidance can come from God, from Angels, from our Spirit Guides, or from our higher self.

Ask a question.

We can ask for divine guidance in any area of our lives: Family matters, Career, Education, Health, Spiritual, and more. Questions can be asked in the form of prayer, or just by speaking them aloud as if you are talking to a friend (which you are). You can write your questions down if you like.

Getting the answers:

Divine Guidance can come to us so many different ways. We just need to be open to receive. Our answers can come from sitting in meditation. They can come in the words of a song we are listening to.  They can even be seemingly random words from a stranger.

Let me share a very personal story of Divine Guidance. I think this story illustrates the fact that we can get answers for any questions. People tend to believe that we can only ask for Divine Guidance when times are tough, but that is not the case. I also like to share this story because the messages I received where so clear, big, and colorful in an almost playful way.

A couple of years ago I decided to get breast implants. I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. He told me that I needed to get a breast lift in addition to implants. He said that if I didn’t, I would possibly have breasts that looked like Snoopy’s nose. It wasn’t 100%, but it was likely. The problem with this was that I would have to pay for both procedures, which doubled the cost. I left the office thinking that I would take my chances and just get the implants. The next morning as I was driving to work, I saw a car with Snoopy painted on the back window. Not a small picture, he covered the entire back window!  I thought OK, I’m listening, I guess the Snoopy thing is really something to be concerned about. Then  as I pulled to the street my job is on, there was a truck blocking the street. It was parked in the middle of the street, perpendicular to traffic. The side of the truck facing me said in big bold letters “NEED A LIFT?” Now the message was clear. I was being told that I would indeed “need a lift.” I decided not to go through with either procedure.

My Divine Guidance came in the form of a picture on a car and a slogan on a truck! Know that there is always a higher power around to guide you through life no matter how trivial your questions may seem. And also know that the answers can come to you in many different ways, so keep your eyes, ears and your feelings open to receiving. Go ahead, ask for Divine Guidance for any answers that you may need. Note what answers come to you and how. Go to the comments and share your stories.

About the Author: 

Nicole Graham is a contributor to  bettermindbodysoul.com

She is a student of the law of attraction and uses it, as well as meditation and hypnosis to improve her life, and she loves to help others do the same. You can contact Nicole at [email protected]


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