Crossing the Threshold of Your Life’s Purpose

Crossing the Threshold of Your Life’s Purpose
May 20, 2014 Christine Horner


Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for
that work has been put in every heart.” ~ Rumi

You now stand in front of a door. But, this is no ordinary door, for when you tilt your head skyward, you see it extend into the Heavens above. It is ancient—hand-crafted from yew wood—beautifully carved and gleaming, the wood’s rich color a deep honey brown to purple to reddish-orange. The door is unattached and hingeless. There is no roof and are there no walls.

This is the door to the inner sanctum of your genius. Your well of resources infinite, you are invited to pose any question you desire, your genius able to meet you wherever you are while eternally proffering you to explore more deeply.

Every man, woman and child may “connect” with their inner genius at will by becoming silent and aware. It is in this stillness that one’s limitation fades from sight like a mirage in the rising heat of the desert.

Your willingness is the only “key” necessary to pass through the holographic door before you to access higher states of consciousness where your genius resides. Do you see that your willingness is you saying “yes” to begin consciously co-creating?

You then realize that the solutions to life’s challenges are not found in institutional learning. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Though all education is valuable, it is critical that humanity return to the higher states of consciousness by tapping into our genius if we are to overcome personal and collective social ills so that humanity can begin to thrive. Your boxed education level is not an indication of whether or not you have the ability to access your inner genius. Each of us is a single spark containing the entire blueprint of the infinite Universe.

Allow your passion to ignite your personal intuition through inspiration, leading you toward the fullness of who you are; to have the courage to be that individuated expression of the Whole.

It is important to remember that in the third dimension human definitions of genius, abundance, freedom, success, happiness, etc., are borne out of separation consciousness and are extremely limited in scope.

Immediately drop these restricted notions and be open to exploring your new relationship with yourself as part of Co-Creation. Begin to see yourself as unlimited!


No two snowflakes are alike; no two humans are identical in their longing. The desires of your heart, that which stirs great excitement within you, are your flashing neon signs pointing you toward the flow of life and into the river of success.

Here, success is not defined monetarily, but in terms abundance—abundance of love, opportunity, synergy, freedom, collaboration, joyfulness…peace.

Your inner genius may lead you to create the next best clothesline pin, write fiction, make jewelry, become an expert at vertical gardening, sustainable housing architect, bio-engineer—or perhaps you would simply like to peacefully co-exist in the world and be a source of comfort rather than conflict for your family. Where do you begin?

1.  Enter your personal sanctum of boundlessness by becoming silent. Some call it meditation, but many people tend to impose too many expectations on meditation, becoming frustrated. A moving meditation may suit you more, as long as you bring awareness to it—dishes, walking in nature, laying down, watching the trees blow in the wind, running, gardening…some call it “being in the zone.”

2.  Pose your question to the Universe, requesting the next step, or for clearer understanding. It’s okay to ask for a deeper understanding of what God is, how the Universe works…you may ask anything your heart desires. For to inquire is the aspiration to know yourself more deeply!

3.  Know the answer/solution is within. You are the question and the answer. Mind-blowing, but true! The question cannot be present without the answer already simultaneously co-existing.

4.  Let it go. Go about your day opening yourself periodically to Pure Awareness. As you do this, you will find that it becomes more and more your natural state of Being to remain Aware, as you are Awareness Itself.

5.  Be open to receiving. The Universe will whisper a deeper understanding into your ear as if it came from your very own thoughts. It will open a window of opportunity you didn’t see coming, out of nowhere. Sometimes it will close a door to tell you that the gentlest path is not what you thought it was—look again, or wait.

It can’t be overstated the infinite value of each and every individuated soul. You are necessary and made in the image of God! One’s station in life is not one’s measure, and in reality, all of Life is equal. There is no individual, level of consciousness, or dimension that is higher or lower than any other. It is simply a larger or smaller fractal of the whole of Creation operating under its own creative power.

Even if you have some impairment or are faced with other challenges, or if you imagine yourself unworthy, you are infinite in nature and your worth is immeasurable by human standards.

The collaborative work you can do is mind boggling. No competition here! And no limits! This is Unity Consciousness, cooperative in nature and in action. Your creative power as a sovereign being, meaning—your own authority—is now in service of others!


About the Author:

This article is excerpted from Christine Horner’s newly published e-booklet, Discover Your Inner Genius: Unlocking the Door to Your Infinite Nature. Receive a free copy when you subscribe at Author, Publisher, and Humanitarian, Christine’s book, What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil, is nominated for the 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize.


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