The Collective Consciousness

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The lighter you become of egocentricity the easier life becomes. Life is not meant to be a struggle. We create it. Recently I have tallied, processed and released some major past issues I had not faced in all the years on earth. Now, from a spiritual sense I know that these lessons and events were part of my growth to enrich the betterment of my soul. However, if we don’t re-collect these issues and release the load then the struggles continue. This is part of our collective consciousness. It’s time to learn to create a barrier between you and the world that tells you what and how to be.

We are the sum of all the voices in the past. We become conditioned the moment we are born. Parents begin this process, society continues through teachers, partners, friends, etc. We begin to fall into some kind of box of expectations. Grant it, I had always done things by the book. But, I was a closet rebel. I did everything by the book on the outside meantime inside I was dying. I didn’t want to be conformed to labels of “weird, insane, or whatever.” As close as the spirit world seemed to me as a youngster, I kept the distance, thus creating a huge amount of anxiety in every decision I made against my better judgment. Living in the box is an illusion because there is no box. When we finally wake to this truth life stops being a struggle altogether. There will always be challenges, obstacles and lessons. We are here to live through the learning.

Our brain is programmed to notice what it already knows to be true. I’ve taken photographs of our pond with the clouds reflecting on it. You can’t tell what’s up or what is down. The point of reference is distorted. This is the same as our spiritual beliefs. We are somehow distorted by what society tells us to believe. How do you know what you know if you don’t have a point of reference? Where did you get that point of reference? How true is that opinion? Is it an opinion or is it truth? When did you stop questioning everything that went against your knowing? Why? When you begin to question rather than just assume and accept the struggle also disappears. You aren’t living for the sake of living because the world told you how to be, who to be, and what to be. You begin to live for you.

The collective consciousness is in need of a major shifting. Attachments to fear, anxiety, or drama is the way we are constantly being connected to what is not real. I am finding that by not giving an opinion to another person’s drama I can detach completely. I am empathetic and compassionate but I refuse to get involved. This goes along with the spirit world. The veil of our 3D perception and the next dimension is thinning. We are beginning to ask more questions. We are beginning not to just accept what has been told to us by dogma. In Latin the word for religion means “to bind.” Living in the box of what we have been told is diminishing. You can only go past this world by going through it.

My beautiful man accuses me of living in a made-up-unicorn-rainbow world. We are the epitome (the poster children) of “opposites attract.” But, he has witnessed too many things that can’t be explained to disregard that my perception of the world works perfectly for me and for us. I am not asking him to join me in my world views. I only ask that he supports my belief systems as I support his without judgment. We work perfectly in this sense while meeting somewhere in the middle. In this world of laughter and constant joy I keep my vibrations raised to fit the needs of my life. I don’t need to fall into society’s controlled-box policy of being a certain way. At times I know I shock the crap out of people. Those who no longer support me in my life choices really have no reason to be part of my life. Our lives will always be intertwined, with or without their consent we are connected.

I truly believe that things are accelerating in a way that is magical. I am witnessing the waking of spirit. I can see how decisions are being made and questioned. Yet, in spite of this human conscious shift, we are still babies learning to crawl. We have incarnated in these times to make way for the future. We are not just accepting that God is the gray-haired man in the sky controlling us, but that we are God and made in the image of divinity. Earth is changing. We are evolving. We are living longer. We are moving forward in a beautiful spiritual era. I am giddy with this knowing but I am also aware that it takes more than just my little fairy-filled head to push and elevate vibrations. We need to fill our hearts with all the love and light possible in our beings and radiate that to the cosmos. I hope you join me in this awareness. May we join in love, light and the divine joy of the world. If we want change we must create it in ourselves first. We can do this…one small act of kindness at a time.


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