January 28, 2015 Jas Sethi



I have come to know that compassion is something we can always have more of. Over the past few years, I have realized that just as I become aware of my compassion, it seems to want to grow, thus more space in my heart. As I look back at various moments in my life, I am awestruck to know that they didn’t deplete me, even though it felt like that at times. Rather, I was expanded by those moments. Compassion is also for me as it is for the other. It makes me think of a vessel that overflows, which refills simultaneously with more. I feel renewed by this gentle continuous flow. Although I have read much about compassion over the years, but to be experiencing it with absolute knowing is something words alone cannot express. I feel I must…

I must sing, I must dance

I must listen, I must thank

I must play, I must forgive

I must love, I must live

I must receive, I must give

I must laugh, I must cry

I must bow down, I must rise high

I must, I must……..

Because I am here now and alive.


About the Author:

Jas Sethi is a Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Guide and Cross Cultural Trainer. She is an advocate of mindfulness and power within. Jas was born in India and raised in Canada, balancing eastern philosophy with western living.




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