How to Navigate the Sun’s Shift into Aquarius

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Approximately every 30 days the Sun shifts into a new zodiac sign. The placement of the Sun effects us all. We can imagine that whatever constellation the Sun is travelling through represents the major energies we experience on Earth. Of course there are many other planetary energies that effect us; but because of it’s light and power the Sun is a great place to look for guidance.

On January 19th the Sun shifts from Capricorn into Aquarius where it will remain for the next 30 days. Since the Solstice (December 21st 2016) we have been learning about our personal responsibility and who we consider authority. Ideally we have learned (and are still learning) that the captain of our ship exsits within.

We are learning that ultimately we are responsible only to ourselves. We may have delegated power over to establishments, institutions and organizations hoping they will serve us. However it’s become obvious that we must now reclaim our personal power instead of giving it away to archaic systems that do not have the best intentions for our planet.

This can feel heavy, scary and just plain overwhelming. How can we change patterns of power that have been happening for centuries on our planet? How can we take back our personal power in a world where we are taught to feel powerless? Many may even be feeling like they cannot take anymore. This is all entirely acceptable.

The changes we are experiencing are huge.

They will not happen over night. Our planet as we know it is undergoing renovations. If you’ve ever experienced a major renovation you know how stressful and disorienting it can be. Your home literally gets torn apart and rebuilt. You can’t use your home the way you used to and you must trust that eventually there will be a brand spanking new space to enjoy.

Planet Earth is undergoing the largest renovation ever, yet no one really explains this to us. So we feel confused, up in the air and sometimes downright crazy. However there is a method to the madness.

Give it time and space. Turn to something or somewhere that leaves you feeling grounded and whole.

Turn to your heart. What do you love? What are you passionate about? Now is the time to share. Now is the time to pick up that megaphone and broadcast your aspirations. Turn your head from the chaos and instead focus on what you want to create.

Creativity is our saviour. Collaboration our saving grace. 

During this time make an effort to connect with others. Network. Ignite grassroots movements or join some that are already blazing.

When we remember our connection to others, to our hearts, to our creativity and to life it becomes easier to navigate these changes.

Become the designer of these renovations. Get hands on with the changes. Envision the type of world you would love to live in; rather than being boggled down by current events.

The more hearts on fire; the brighter we shine.

There is a collective light shining right now that cannot be extinguished. It is so much larger than the “powers that be”. The darkness doesn’t stand a chance. Stand in confidence. Reclaim your power by actively engaging with what you love.

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  1. Cecily 7 years ago

    YES!!! I love this! I’ve been having shifting dreams and what they all are saying is that beautiful change is coming. I also yearn to hear peoples passions, their bright new ideas, and ideas of change! Thank you for sharing this inspiring beauty:)

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