A simple recipe to clean your fruits and vegetables

A simple recipe to clean your fruits and vegetables
March 22, 2013 Christina Arabolis



Today, there are a myriad of chemicals used in the growing of our fruits and vegetables.  It is very important that we are aware of this fact and, as a consequence, make informed choices about the food we put into our mouths.  Please shop locally whenever possible.  It is important that you get to know the farmers who grow your food.  This way you can ask them directly what they spray on their produce.  When purchasing, look for organic and heirloom varieties.

To clean the outside of the produce you bring into your home, make your own veggie wash.

Fruit & Veggie Wash

1 tablespoon organic lemon juice

10 drops grapefruit seed extract

2 tablespoons baking soda

1 cup filtered water

1 cup white vinegar


Mix well and put ingredients in a sprayer bottle.  Shake before use.


Spray Tonic: Spray it on fruits and veggies.  Scrub firm fruits and veggies like cucumbers, apples and potatoes especially if you plan to eat the skin.  Rinse well.

Dunk Tonic:  Dunk, swish and scrub the produce as desired.  Put veggies in a colander or strainer that fits inside the bowl for easy draining and to allow you to use the same batch of tonic multiple times.


About the Author: Christine Segal, M.Ed., is a Certified Holistic Health Coach having studied at Integrative Nutrition. She has her own business called Inner Beauty Workshops where she teaches clients how to generate beauty from the inside out. Christine is currently studying to become a Doctor of Spiritual Studies at Emerson Theological Institute. She hosts a weekly radio show on Freedomizer Radio called WakeUP & Live. Website (www.innerbeautyworkshops.com) To sign up for Christine’s newsletter: http://innerbeautyworkshops.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=afc0eee639586ca887b38b464&id=03df846602


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