Two-Week Gratitude Rock Challenge

Two-Week Gratitude Rock Challenge
April 23, 2013 Adam A



About a year ago I found myself having an awful day or what I perceived to be an awful day. I felt as though everything around me kept going wrong. All I kept seeing was the negative and it caused a lot of inner strain on my soul.

I was getting out of my car this one particular day and saw a rock lying on the sidewalk. It was an unusual rock to be found on the sidewalk of a busy Los Angeles street. From the moment I decided to pick it up I knew I found something special. My rock symbolized stability & solidness something I was on the conquest to seeking. I held the rock in my hand at that moment and said, “Thank you, thank you for finding me.” I decided that I was going to hold my rock every night before I went to bed and say thank you for three things that I was grateful for that day.

From the moment I began to sincerely express my gratitude not only did my mood begin to change but also wonderful things began to manifest in my life.

Gratitude is the open door to internal abundance.


1.  Find a rock or something that to you symbolizes stability & solidness

2.  Hold your item every night for two weeks

3.  While holding your item wrap your hand tightly around it close your eyes and express your most sincere gratitude for three things you were grateful for that day.  NOTE: You can be grateful for the simplest of things, I always tell people even a smile from a stranger is something to be grateful for.

4.  After two weeks I can guarantee you will notice a huge difference in your mood and outlook on your life and in return your positive vibrations will manifest wonderful things in your world.


About the Author:

Adam Aarons is an up and coming author, spiritual & motivational teacher. He is not affiliated with any particular religion or tradition. Aarons believes the substance of love to be our greatest and most powerful tool as humans. You can visit his Facebook page for his most recent updates.



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