The Power of the Mind: Healing the body with your thoughts

The Power of the Mind: Healing the body with your thoughts
September 17, 2013 Kirsten Bloomquist



Thoughts are intangible, invisible, and immeasurable, but does that mean they’re non-powerful?  This is a compelling question, one that has been studied by scientists for years. Until recently, the world has not had hard proof of the potency of our thoughts. How much power do our thoughts have and what can we accomplish with this power?

Recently I had a client with a T-3 tumor in his rectum. It was 6cm in diameter. This client also was suffering from pain, bleeding, nausea and various other symptoms. I had been researching neuroscience in my spare time, becoming fascinated at the findings of neuroplasticity in the brain- the ability for the brain to rewire itself at any age. It occurred to me that if the brain is capable of rewiring itself and finding solutions within itself, then that must be true for the body as well. After all, the brain controls the body.

Throughout our sessions together, we noticed his symptoms improving remarkably. In fact, some symptoms disappeared all together. His oncologists were impressed with these results and invited me in to talk to them about my work with the mind.

At this point, I was becoming more and more convinced that everything first takes place in the mind before it takes place in the body. I believe the brain to be separate from the mind. The brain is an organ that is obviously very important for controlling the body, the mind, however, is somewhat of a ‘spiritual organ’ and controls the brain. If the brain can rewire itself by the thoughts we think, that proves the mind controls the brain. Neuroscience has demonstrated the dramatic physical difference in the brains of those who meditate versus those who do not. This caused me to challenge the power of our thoughts and what can they do physically for us.

It occurred to me just how very powerful our thoughts are. I explained to the oncologists, when you think of a thick juicy hamburger, cheese melting on top, meat dripping in its own juices, the smell wafting through the air- does your mouth water at the thought of that? If you’re a meat-eater, yes, your mouth waters. How can that be?

The answer: our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. Imagining a juicy hamburger triggers your brain to produce a chemical reaction (saliva in your mouth to prepare for digestion) even though there is no burger in front of you. Your stomach may have grumbled a little bit too. Though this may be small proof, it is proof that your thoughts cause a chemical reaction, and therefore a physical reaction on the body.

Let me repeat that. The thought of eating a hamburger, caused your brain to send a signal for your mouth to start watering. A thought triggered a tangible physical response meaning: Your thoughts have a physical effect on your body!

I applied all of this to my client with cancer, believing there must be some thoughts within the mind that contribute in some way, shape or form. If that is true, then that means the tumor can be reversed by locating and deactivating those thoughts. If my theory of the mind controlling the brain is also correct, that means you can locate exactly the thoughts which have anything to do with cancer. It also means the mind will know the solutions in order to rewire itself to achieve health again.

My client no longer has a tumor because of the power of his mind and using his thoughts efficiently. He used his thoughts to make his tumor disappear! If his mind is this powerful, yours is too.

Can this theory be applied to everyone? Yes, with one exception. The mind works completely off of faith. If a person does not believe they can be helped, then they cannot be helped. This is referred to as the nocebo effect. We have all heard of the placebo effect (the mind creating results). This is the opposite. If the mind believes it will have results, it will have results. If the mind believes it cannot be helped, not even by the most experienced doctors in the world, then it cannot be helped. All of it comes down to your thoughts.

If your thoughts are truly this powerful, it means they can be used to harm you, or used to bring you health. There is power in your thoughts. What are you choosing to think?


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Kirsten Bloomquist is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is known for her  extreme belief in the power of the mind and you will often find her telling people the importance of positive thinking. She is ambitious and will take on any client, believing the mind can heal all. Kirsten’s experience includes working with professional athletes and the terminally ill. She is known for the fast and dramatic results she helps her clients to achieve. Kirsten’s name spread among the western medical community when she helped a client to beat cancer by having his mind overcome his tumor.

Twitter: @FeelingPowerful


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