Seeds of Light

Seeds of Light
November 19, 2013 Cale Al

Through my summer long adventure of reconnecting with Thy Self, Mother Earth and interacting with many amazing beings attending transformational festivals, I handed out little lights with magnets on them that people could clip anywhere.  I received many smiles, hugs and thanks because of the boosts of inner light between us.  By the end of these festivals, everywhere I looked, I could see these little lights shining back at me and I thought to myself, “Wow, one person can spread a lot of light.”

By this realization, I felt guided to put this Idea together and spread it around the world with the help of other beautiful lighted souls. We shall call together the tribes of light; there are many and we are growing every day. It is time to come together and show that we stand for Oneness, Love and Prosperity. We are done participating in the illusion of separation and lack.

Let’s plant these seeds of light intention. It is simple and every time a light seed is planted we will be actively assisting the shift into Peace, Love and Abundance for all. If we get it to enough people, with these great tools at our finger tips, we can make great things happen.  We must keep in mind that we are the Creators, individually and collectively.  So let us join together in masses in simple understandings of Oneness and Love.




About the Author:  Cale Al


A Star Seed, in physical form on planet earth to assist in the grounding of light/love energies, to be a beacon of peace and to plant seeds of higher consciousness intention..







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