Recent Planetary Retrogrades: Beginnings and Endings

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2017 has continued to be a “game changer” kind of year. While many of us faced endings and clearings in 2016 there’s no doubt we were hoping 2017 would bring some reprieve.

However, the astrological energies have had other plans in store for us. Fear not because the energies will stabilize and we can anticipate a rewarding May/summer.

Until then it’s time to really master and review the lessons from the beginning of the year.

Yes, 2016 was transformative; 2017 is about putting those changes into action. It’s about calling ourselves out, learning and ascending beyond our old fear-based patterns. This is not always easy work. Mostly likely we’ve shed our fair share of tears but please know that it’s all part of the divine’s plan.

We are weeding out deep parts of ourselves which will lead to fertile soil. It will not be long before we see the harvests. Until then may we take a moment to relook at what we have learned.

Venus retrograde began at the start of March and while she is officially moving direct the lessons linger on. This transit is all about being honest with ourselves about what we want. While also taking a good look at where we have been making excuses for our desires.

What had you been talking yourself out of? What did you not believe was possible to receive?

These lessons were mostly delivered through relationships which can be emotional to say the least. The point now is to see that anything that has gone down in partnerships since March has been showing you where you can update your sense of self worth. These experiences are asking you to deepen your connection to Self.

Take an inventory of the lessons you have learned since March. Especially those that came through relationships.

I say that because we now have Pluto retrograde. This is giving us the chance to implement our learning in a deep way. When we are able to go within ourselves and really call out the self sabotaging tendencies; life will transform.

Transformation is an inside job. At least until September when Pluto ends its retrograde.

Finally we also have Mercury (the planet of intellect and communication) retrograde until May 3rd. It’s as if the planets are really highlighting implementation right now. We are given this still point in time to observe how we show up to life.

What attitudes are we holding about ourselves?

May we change our thinking and reinvent ourselves.

More than anything these 3 transits (yes, there are more retrogrades happening but that’s for another post) are asking humanity to rethink what it means to be an individual. Along with realize what it really means to be alive at this point in time.

We are stepping into our powers.
We are closing the door on old programs.
We are building a new Earth.

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