This Month’s Solar Eclipse: Letting Love Lead

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Life works in cycles. The buds of spring bloom into the flowers of summer only then to become the harvests of fall. We are then asked to let go gently as nature hibernates and winter begins. Transformation is a constant here on Earth; the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.

It’s easy to fear these transitions. It’s easy to give into the temptation of pessimistic mindsets which fear the unknown. It’s easy to believe control leads to security. However opening our minds, hearts and lives to nature’s divine intelligence is also an option.

That’s what eclipse season is all about. This particular Solar Eclipse is offering us the chance to let go and let love.

This doesn’t exclusively mean romantic love; although that’s definitely an option. Love as in creation itself. There are so many ways we close ourselves off from our highest potential because we can’t see what’s over the horizon. There is no guarantee of security; but once we come to terms with that we can have some fun; not taking life so seriously.

These energies are very much like flowers. If we try to grab it in our hands and hold it tightly we will destroy it. If we try to grasp at life and force a certain outcome; our futures will crumble like the crushed flower.

Instead may we open our palms. May we realize that the best gift we can give ourselves is to live lightly, create and accept ourselves exactly where we are at.

From this place so much is unfolding. Changes are afoot. In the meantime let’s choose to enjoy the journey and set our intentions high. There’s no reason to doubt the force of life. It’s beating our hearts, rising the sun and carrying us to our desires; but only if we let it.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is a professional astrologer and creator of the Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is excited to be offering a Solar Eclipse Intention Circle which will help you harness this special opportunity and ground it’s power into your reality. Read more about that here. She is also available for personal readings at or if you are interested in learning how to give yourself readings check out her online classes.

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