Mars Retrograde 2016; the Homestretch

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2016 has been a year of transformation and transition for many. It may feel as though new ideas, inspirations and opportunities are emerging; however you could feel confused as to how to move forward.

This is due to Mars Retrograde (read more about it here ).

Basically we must realign our lives, raise our vibration and release what is no longer serving us before we can catapult forward. Just like we must pull the bow back before an arrow can launch forward.

These are muddy times, and as we head into the final 2 weeks of this transit, along with a Full Moon, there’s a good chance the fog will get heavier before it lifts.

Whats crucial to remember is that fog is not a bad thing; it is an opportunity to turn within to experience clarity. What you are feeling now is probably very different than what you were feeling at the start of this year. Know that it’s okay to have changed your perspective.

Being dynamic is so key right now.

Take inventory of what you have learned about yourself this year. Where have you raised your standards? Where can you raise them some more?

Most importantly what boundaries need to be drawn? With yourself and others.

You came here to shine. You came here to make an impact. You can here to live fully, courageously and bodly. It’s now time to do it; even if you feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is a sign that you are on the right path, that you are expanding.

You are a powerful creator. Your feelings are guiding you towards what you want to create. Hold the vision and know that July onward will be the time to create.

About the Author: Shannon is the editor for The Master Shift blog. She is an astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. Shannon loves to help others discover a passion and excitement for life. She is available for personal astrology chart readings. One of Shannon’s passions is emotional healing; she is a HeartSpeak practitioner. This is a system that identifies the emotional stress behind physical symptoms and works to clear and replace these stressors with healthier feelings. Above all else Shannon’s intention is to BE a part of the Master Shift by centering in a space of love and transforming planet Earth as we know it.

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