How to easily reach your goals

How to easily reach your goals
February 25, 2015 Hanna Bier


This morning during my Kundalini kriya I had a revelation. During the third round of breath of fire in navasana, it hit me:

The body gives up before the mind does.

The body gives up before the mind does!

Which means that the physical (our bodies, work, outer lives, circumstances) usually has a lot more stamina than the emotional and mental realm.

If we can train our mental and emotional bodies to be more persistent and to be able and willing to stay on course for a longer period of time than we are accustomed to, we can actually use the physical in a much more intelligent way.

Giving up early and seeking short term fulfillment are two of the main causes of failure.

I refer to failure not as an actual and tangible result of not achieving a goal, but as a mini-burn out, which it actually is.

Failure is taking a break down personally. And this break down only happens when our mental and emotional body can’t hold the strain of the activity any longer.

So the reason why you feel like life is hard and unfulfilling is not because it is, but because the physical world operates at a different pace than your internal world.

If your mind expects things to move quickly all the time, much quicker than the natural flow of life permits, we get frustrated.

And we blame the frustration on ourselves.

“If only I would have pushed a little harder.” “If only I hadn’t quit.” “I am too fat/ugly/stupid/poor/tired to succeed here.”

All of these thoughts and feelings are fleeting movements in your body. None of these reflect the physical reality.

Life does not care about your weight, IQ or social conditioning.

It moves in cycles and keeps its rhythm.

Your mind goes bonkers while nature stays its course.

Now, you might be wondering: What the heck could possibly be the solution for this? How can I move out of this space of feeling like a failure and into a space of rhythm and easy achievement?


Here’s five ways to do this:

#1 Align yourself with the pace of nature.

Study the rhythm of life and notice the cycles in which it moves. The female body needs nine months to give birth to a baby. A tree needs and entire year to grow another ring. It takes the ocean a few hours to pull back the water and then to let crash back onto the shore.

Now, all of these cycles could be done with hasty expectation. But nature is much smarter than that. She understands that we always have enough time and she diligently focuses on creating while losing herself in the present moment.

She doesn’t pressure herself to get things done quickly, instead she focuses on aligning herself with magic and excellence in order to give birth to timeless beauty.

#2 Embrace your rhythm.

It does not matter how much time you need.

Your pace is perfect.

There is a quote by Fay Weldon and it goes:

“Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

And then everything happens.”

Drop into your work and trust that no immediate results does not mean that things aren’t moving in the right direction.

You are here and this is perfect.

#3 Nourish yourself all the time.

All doing comes from being.

All doing comes from BEING.

In order to create something, you have to be it first.

Let me give you an example for this:

I work as a life coach and it is crucial for me to walk my talk. I work with a coach myself and I keep my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body clear and happy.

This does not mean that I never have a shitty day or that I never feel down. It’s just that if I don’t embody what my clients want to cultivate in their lives, it’s nearly impossible for me to get them there.

I teach love by BEING love.

I teach success by BEING a success.

And my notion of success means being completely integrated and bringing my highest and most impactful work out into the world.

Nourish yourself and take care of yourself, so that you can birth beauty and greatness!

#4 Get used to being in this for the long haul.

It seems to me like wherever we look we get offered quick fixes and easy solutions. And while this can work, I wonder if a short term change is really what we need.

A quick fix has incredible momentum at the beginning and then this usually fades away. A clear intention at the beginning gains momentum as time passes and is an investment with incredible return rates.

Small changes implemented over a longer course of time can yield amazing results. But it’s not necessarily the effort in the beginning that makes the difference, but the ability to take an intention out into the world with perseverance and deep breathing.

My favorite sutra is “Sthira sukham asanam” which translates into “steadiness and ease”.

How can we set an intention, make a small change and then keep living it with steadiness and ease?

#5 Notice and embrace the ups and downs.

There is always a contraction before every expansion.

I invite you to trade giving up during the contraction for softening into the discomfort and trusting that the expansion is going to happen soon.

In the same way, you will have to let something go, before having enough space to allow something new come into your life.

Embrace all of it. Embrace the darkness that carries the light. Embrace the cold that helps us feel the heat.

And know that this is perfect.


About the Author:

About the Author:

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