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There is an adage that says “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.  This adage is applied to those people, relationships or situations that have had a negative impact on our life.  There is more truth to these words than one may consider upon first glance.

“Distance” is dependent on the depth of the impression.  Physical distance provides relief from continuing a physical situation or relationship.  However, physical distance is not enough for relief from harmful mental, emotional and even energetic relationships because these relationships are not bound by physical space

Disconnection occurs before distance.  This is implied in the phrase because physical space is required in between the two elements.  That space is measured in distance. The need for space in between applies equally to mental, emotional and energetic situations.

Disconnection is a choice.  The individual realizes that the people, relationships or situations are no longer beneficial or the damaging nature of the relationship is realized. This is not allowed to continue.  Successful disconnection yields a feeling of “lightness of weight” or “freedom”.  Distraction is sometimes used as a means of avoiding disconnection due to the discomfort of the act, but distraction cannot be sustained.  Truth lingers.

The heart is the guide.  The conceptual heart is what allows us to experience the emotional aspect of life’s experiences.   The heart may become numb or shielded from feeling as a coping mechanism to that which is painful regardless if the pain is physical, mental, emotional or energetic.

“Distance” allows the heart to heal.  Sustained relevant distance allows the heart to relax in peace and heal.  During the healing process, the individual may become aware and retroactively experience aspects of the situation they were previously “numb”.  This can be a painful and exhausting process.

“Distance” allows for additional interpretation.  As the heart heals and one is disconnected and distant, one may interpret from a distant perspective.  It is the difference between seeing the trees all around or the forest from above.  One may enjoy the beauty of the forest from above but not walking in it. One may appreciate the experience gained from the situation but not like the situation itself.

The adage does not necessarily say “distance makes the heart grow fonder” towards what one became distant.  This is implied.  It could refer to the healing process.  As the heart heals, it progresses from numbness to feeling, hence, “distance makes the heart grows fonder” than before.

This adage actually describes the conclusion of a process. Unmentioned are the shift in awareness and a choice.  Awareness is impartial, when one becomes more aware- regardless if by intention or chance- one sees both the good and bad.  With that awareness there is a choice: remain or change.  This adage acknowledges those whose awareness inspired them to break free, heal and feel once again.


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Ma. Carolina Massone is a graduate from Stony Brook University of New York with a degree in Religious Studies specializing on archaic philosophy and symbology. She is an inducted minister and an honorary high priestess of the Universal Life Church Monastery.  Although she has been practicing various forms of energy healing from a young age, she received her first official Reiki certificate in 1996. She was awarded the prestigious Reiki Grandmaster certificate in 2011 making her one of the few in the country with that mention. Since then she has expanded her studies to a variety of energy healing techniques that include Celtic, Egyptian, Hindi, kabbalistic and Gnostic systems among others. She has guided mass meditations of up to 300 people and is one of the founding members of The Master Shift group for which she is writing the meditation scripts.  Facebook:


Lawrence G. Howard is a New York State licensed Acupuncturist since 1998. He graduated in 1998 and earned his Masters degree in 2001 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He worked as a subject matter expert for the NCCAOM for 4 years. He has numerous articles published such as “Diagnosis by touching the qi” and “My patient, my teacher and the four gates” among others. He has been developing a style of acupuncture he calls “energetic acupuncture” where various forms of energy healing augment traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, treatment and theory. He received his first Reiki certification in 1994 and was awarded the Reiki Master certification in 2007. He is a founding members of The Master Shift group for which he is writing the meditation scripts. He is currently an instructor at New York College of Health Professions.




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