God and Source: What’s the Difference?

God and Source: What’s the Difference?
March 16, 2015 Wes Annac

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“There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (1)

I was asked by a reader to give my opinion on the difference between ‘God’ and ‘Source’. I tend to use both labels, but I usually say ‘Source’ when I talk about our creator.

The reader pointed out that depending on who we talk to, there are different meanings for both labels. ‘Source’ is meant to describe our infinite creator, whereas ‘God’ describes a creator entity who’s extended from Source, like we all are, and watches over our universe.

Maybe this ‘God’ created the universe and that’s why he/she watches over it, but regardless, ‘God’ is believed to be an overseer of this universe – not all of creation. I didn’t know there was a difference between the two labels, but it makes sense that some people would want to define them differently.

I do think there are spiritually evolved creator entities who oversee our planet, our galaxy, our universe, etc., and in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what we call them. It also doesn’t matter what we call our inner voice (some people call it the ‘higher self’) our spiritual guides, or even Source itself.

Understandably, the rational mind wants to label and identify every concept it becomes aware of – even spiritual ones. Spirituality encourages us to transcend the mind’s overbearing influence (while still using it the way it’s meant to be used), but while we’re on earth, we’ll always meet concepts we want to rigidly define so we (and others) can understand them better.

We’ll want to use certain terminologies to define certain things, because it helps us get a better grasp on what we’re trying to identify. This seems to be the case with Source and the creator entities who oversee our galaxy and universe, and as we continue to evolve, we’ll learn that specific entities oversee every aspect of creation.

Taken from Trumanfalkner.com

There are probably entities who oversee each dimension, including our current. For all we know, we could connect with them in meditation and receive valuable information about them and the dimensions beyond, but if we do, we won’t have to focus as much on what we should call them as the information and advice they give us.

I’m sure any creator entity has a lot to offer, but we might keep ourselves from receiving a clear stream of energy or guidance if we focus too heavily on identifying them. It’s good to have the facts and know for sure, but the endless desire to know, define and understand can actually keep us from that connection.

We can call our creator and various other entities whatever we want, but we’ll want to prepare for differences in belief from one person to the next. We’re all unique and we’ll call our creator different names, so we’ll have to respect our different interpretations if we want to come together.

“Expression, to a great extent, is a matter of terms, and terms are anyone’s. The meaning of ‘God’ may have a billion interpretations if there be that many souls in the world.” – Charles Ives (2)

With that said, it is sometimes helpful to have concrete terms and definitions we can rely on, and it’s also helpful to discern the difference between our creator and the various other entities who are believed to oversee certain aspects of creation.

From my perspective, we have an infinite creator from which we’ve all sprung, and we’ll eventually return to him/her by traveling deeper and deeper into our consciousness.

All of creation rippled out from Source, on the highest and lowest level, and the creation of universes, galaxies, planets, etc. was the partial responsibility of creator entities who descended from Source to manifest realms to play around, grow and learn lessons in.

Source continued to ripple out and divide itself into various realms and accompanying creator entities until he/she reached the lowest level in its self-created existence. We aren’t at that lowest level here in the third dimension, but we’re close.

Now that we’re raising our vibration and preparing to greet higher dimensions, we’re realizing that Source isn’t just split into the people or things we’re familiar with – our creator embodies everything, and everything embodies our creator.

This includes the entities who oversee various planets, galaxies and universes, and now that we’re remembering they exist, we can give them whatever label best suits our understanding. Or, we can give them no labels and let them simply be, free of any attempts to understand exactly what they are.

It’s safe to say that when most people pray to (or meditate on) God, they connect with our creator – the entity I call Source. Their intention probably isn’t to connect with an entity who oversees the universe, but other people choose to see God in this light and there’s nothing wrong with that.

All it is, is a difference in interpretation that we’ll want to accept and flow with.

As we come together, we’ll find that we all have different, unique viewpoints on our existence and our spiritual evolution, and it’s possible to meditate on ‘God’ and connect with our creator instead of the overseer of the universe.

“Everyone in a complex system has a slightly different interpretation. The more interpretations we gather, the easier it becomes to gain a sense of the whole.” – Margaret J. Wheatley (3)

It’s also possible to connect with that overseer instead of Source, and our intention matters more than any label. If we want to connect with Source, we will. If we want to connect with the universal creator some people call ‘God’, we will. It’s that simple, and we don’t need to let the mind overcomplicate things by trying to rigidly define them.

I’m glad our reader asked this question, because it encourages us to see that different people use different terms to define our creator.

All our terminologies matter little in the big picture, and we’ll find when we’re in a higher state of consciousness that all of our mind-driven perceptions fade. We’ll all perceive and define our existence differently while we’re still in the lower realms, however, and for all we know, this uniqueness could continue in the higher spheres.

Our uniqueness is one of many things that can bring us together, and we can really learn a thing or two from one another if we embrace and celebrate our different interpretations. I learned something new from our reader today, and my understanding of God and our universal creator has definitely changed.

I’ll probably continue to use the words ‘God’ and ‘Source’ (and ‘Jah’) when I talk about our creator, because all of these terms work for me. They feel right to me, but I accept that other people use them differently.

As long as we maintain a lasting connection with our creator, who we can all connect with and receive valuable advice and guidance from, how we define that connection doesn’t matter as much as what we do with it.


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