Boosting Your Positivity

Boosting Your Positivity
April 29, 2013 Patricia Wall

image1In our natural state it’s easy to beam the love we are into the world.  Some days we are like cars that need a tune-up, and we could use a boost.  Perhaps you know how to help yourself, but find you’re not doing it, or you just aren’t reaching the highest state you’re capable of achieving.

You can help you help yourself.

Your primitive brain and your body will respond to associations, like the music that you use for meditation, scents, comforts or locations.  You can add these elements to your practice so that associations are created for those days you need a boost.  Real estate agents recommend the smell of baking when you’re selling a home so that people recognize the energy of ‘home’ in your house.  This is the same principle:  choose an oil, an incense or lotion with scent to accompany your practice, and your body will respond to the familiar stimulus.

Years ago, I had favorite music I’d play when nursing my oldest son.  After a while, he’d fall asleep just hearing the music, because he’d developed such an association of comfort and going to sleep to that music.  (I had to stop nursing to the music so he could fill up!)  This was an accidental affect which proved very beneficial.  You can tap this effect deliberately by using special music with activities such as meditation or energy work or time with nature, so that your subconscious will associate the music with a higher frequency state, and your body will respond. You can create an association with a nice blanket, or a favorite chair.

There’s another benefit to establishing these associations.  Using your special music and tools, you can start your practice already ‘revved’ and you can use your practice more effectively.  It becomes easier to quiet your mind, to achieve clarity in your intentions, and to manifest your goals.  That means you can boost your positivity even when you’re feeling great!

What else can you add to your toolset for boosting your positivity? What inspires you?  Please share your favorites as a gift to others.  Here are a few of mine:

Youtube Playing For Change:

A surprise performance of the Halleluiah Chorus in a food court:

Would you like to go deeper?  When you’re having a day that needs a boost, there’s a reason.  If you’re resisting helping yourself, the reason is strong.  Your emotions are a clue: do you know why you’re not feeling great? You may know what is bothering you, identifying a trigger that may appear to be internal or external.  (It’s okay if you’re not sure what’s bothering you. Focus on your desire to change your state to positive.)

An internal trigger could be negative thoughts such as self-criticism or feeling not good enough or it could simply be a ‘down’ feeling.  An external trigger could appear to be conflict with someone in your life, or a circumstance that feels like a bad situation for you.

This gift is a tool to help you release emotions or conflicts to boost your positivity:

When a trigger appears to be internal, it means you have an old subconscious belief that is putting your values in conflict.  Often an old belief is about how you care for people.  It may be a belief about how you fulfill a role, such as being a ‘good’ daughter, friend, brother, partner or parent.  The solution is to define how you will fulfill your various roles, independent of expectations.

When a trigger appears to be external, you have a mirror in your reality.  The purpose of a mirror is to recreate an emotional dynamic patterned in your subconscious.  It can be difficult to spot emotional dynamics, because the story seems so different.  One way to identify the message is to bring your experience into the Unlock meditation and ask ‘When have I felt this before?’  Inside your meditation, your subconscious can reveal what is hidden by circumstances, and allow you to release the origin.  When you release the origin, a change is much easier.  You may find your feelings about a situation have changed, or the situation itself may change.

When you release, you increase your ability to have great days.  Take care of yourself by having a boost when you need it.  Take care of yourself by releasing, to have more and more great days. Your great days are a beaming gift to the world.


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