A Valentine’s Day Love that Crosses Over

A Valentine’s Day Love that Crosses Over
February 2, 2013 Donna Hartt
Wedding Day

For almost two weeks last year, I watched on, along with family members, as my dad struggled to survive septicemia. After much discussion, doctors removed his life support, and late in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day, my dad succumbed to the infection which ravaged his body.

To be honest, I had been worried about the first Anniversary of my dad’s passing since about January when the displays for Valentine’s Day started popping up. I was concerned about how bad reliving the days were going to be, and I knew that there were understandably going to be some tears. The day was an honor, but one of the toughest days I have ever experienced. How could it not be. I watched someone I love pass away right before my eyes and it was heartbreaking.

But you see, for me, within the world of grieving there is hope. A twinkle in my eye that reveals a deeper understanding beyond the realm of losing a loved one. You see, I had a secret. One I lived with until a Near Death Experience in 2010 drove home why I am here on this planet.

I am a Psychic Medium. And, although I had been giving readings quietly over the last 10 years, this experience left me with no choice but to become who I was born to be, live it out loud without shame, and deliver messages of love that cannot be denied.  Here is one of them:

I believe love knows no boundaries. I believe that the Spirit within never parishes, but lives on, and the proof is all around us if we choose to see it.

A week after my father returned to Spirit, something amazing happened. As my husband and I were driving into our complex, off to the left, between two trees stood a buck. “At least a four pointer” as my dad would have called it. In that year of living there, that had never happened, and I knew at once it was a sign from him that he had made it over and was doing just fine now. It brought tears to my eyes.One week after that, this message of hope becomes even more supported by an incident that occurred while I was giving someone an item that belonged to my dad, as he would have wanted it that way. As I was dropping said item off, I relayed the deer incident to my friend and said jokingly, “Don’t be surprised if you get a sign like that”. And, wouldn`t you know it, the very next day I received a phone call from my friend and was told that while sitting in their living room, they just happened to look outside and there, across the street staring into the window was a buck. Another “at least four pointer”.

And, just to drive this bone-chilling experience home, there were two more occasions where wildlife showed up.

On the day we spread some of his ashes at our “home away from home“, we came up the hill to a herd of elk. I cannot recall how many times I heard from others, “ trust Don to send the elk.” For you see, my dad, was a big fisher and hunter. An ‘Elmer Fudd’ incarnate. And it would be one of his favorite ways to communicate with his loved ones.

 Finally, as further evidence that we truly never die, on the day we returned some of his ashes to where he and my mother met, two bears ran across the road prior to the spot we had picked. Even my mom stated something to the effect that it was dad’s way of acknowledging that he liked what we were about to do and wanted to let us know he was with us in Spirit.

So, as Valentine`s Day fast approaches. Let those Here know that you love them. Let those There know that you love them and you wish to “hear” from them. And then, just wait. Wait for that undeniable sign that the love is being sent right back, across the veil, to your heart.

I love you dad. Thank you for letting us know that your love for us will never die. For it cannot.

Love is the only reality.


About the Author:

Donna Hartt is a passionate Medium, Psychic, Motivational Speaker, Soul Guide, and Writer who loves empowering and supporting individuals to create a life they love and help them fall in love with the life they are living.

Allow yourself to be lovingly guided through an experience with Spirit. From a young age, Donna recognized her ability to see and sense things beyond the physical world and now, recognizes the need to reach out to help others connect with the Spirit within, and those on the Other Side.



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