Your Perfect Journey

Your Perfect Journey
May 3, 2013 Suzanne Baker Hogan



I think a lot of us can feel like we aren’t doing  things “right” on our spiritual journeys. We listen to what some guru  says and then apply it to our lives, but all too soon our humanness  makes itself obvious. We feel as though we have failed said guru’s pious  instructions. But there is no “right” way to go about your perfect  journey. Your life is a sublime and original unfolding of magic – the  magic that’s already in you.

Nothing can take away this magic, and nothing can  make your finding it less special. You see, enlightenment is  rediscovering who you’ve been all along, and how you find yourself is  completely up to you. No one can tell you how to do it.

Yes, a spiritual teacher can point out the ways you are limiting consciousness. They can help you to expand your awareness. But such expansion has nothing to do with judgment. It isn’t about  analyzing what’s “wrong” with your human experience. It is only about  increasing love.

You are here to open your heart to more  love than you ever have before. And the way you do this is unique. There is no other path like yours. There is only how much you want to grow.

Just by living during these accelerating times, you are being offered countless opportunities to grow with love. You are  being given experiences that are both painful and glorious, and they  will change your soul forever. And the only thing this growth requires  is trust in your spectacular self.

You are already trusting. Just think about the  trust it took for you to come here and live this human life. So allow  yourself to trust, and watch it bless your life a thousand fold! Watch  it give you perspective in your relationships and allow you to see the  love in every human being. Let trust empower you and enable you to truly learn. Let it illuminate your experiences with gratitude because your  heart is opening again.

Trust yourself and follow your spiritual curiosity, and you will see life as the sacred classroom it is. Find your growth  reflected in the walls around you and the people you share this room  with. Grow, sublime being, and let your unfolding unfold, however that  happens to be. Unveil your own magic like clouds recede to blue, and  then open that sky to reveal the entire cosmos! There, you will find yourself and the answer to every question you’ve ever asked. Such is your perfect awakening and your sublime spiritual path.


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Suzanne Baker Hogan is a spiritual writer and professional artist. She has a B.A. in Philosophy from St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD and is the author of the metaphysical blog  “My life mission is to remind you of the spiritual beauty that’s always been within you.”

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