Wild Thing

By in Mastershift

By Nicola Mortimer

When the day has come
When you catch a glance
Will you sit there
Will you dance the dance
Will you get out of your seat and try
Or allow the chance to pass you by
When life whispers into your ear
Go with it there’s nothing to fear
You are so precious wild thing
Allow your soul to stand and sing
When the day has come
When you catch a glance
Will you get up
Will you dance the dance?

About the Author: Nicola is a children’s author, life coach, bushcraft practitioner, poet wannabe and creator of the blog HapBE Hippy. She loves doing anything and everything to get creative.

She love writing things about life and how precious and wonderful it really is that every view point is a treasure.
Her own journey has made her realise that we are really spiritual beings having a human experience, and that there is no need to chase spirituality but to realise what you truly are and enjoy this amazing experience in all it’s varieties.

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