Two Powerful and Transformational Words That Will Change Your Life

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By Ulonda Faye

I am happy.  I am fulfilled.  I am joyous.  I am peaceful.  I am in harmony with all.  I am filled with the spirit of love and compassion.

Read those words again.  How does it feel?  Would you like to take this an emotional step deeper?  If yes, go to a mirror. Look deeply into your eyes and repeat the above words and sentences.  How does it feel?  If you want to take yet another step deeper; follow up by saying I love you followed by your name.  The first time I said these words while looking into the mirror of my soul, my eyes, I felt such deep longing for my own love.

“I am comfortable looking in the mirror, saying, I love you, I really love you.”

-Louise Hay


Now, how do the following words and sentences feel to read?

I am sad.  I am unhappy.  I am frustrated.  I am tired.  I am angry.  I am mad.  I am hate.

How does it feel, on the inside, to read these words and sentences?  Personally I feel no need to read them again nor do I feel a need to look into my soul while saying them.  Why?  The contrast to the feelings elicited by the first set of loving and kind words and sentences which felt graceful within my being.

Let’s return to the first set of words and sentences.  Let’s call them intentions or affirmations.  Read them again. Look into the mirror of your soul again while reading them.

“Language creates reality.  Words have power.  Speak always to create joy.”  

-Deepak Chopra


Proverbs 18:20-21

“From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled;
    with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.”

The tongue has the power of life and death,
    and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

This passage from the bible emphasizes the power and strength of words.  Let’s look deeper into this spiritual and mystical wisdom.

I am – movement of the Universe – energy begins to move in our lives.

The I am presence can uplift societies, countries and worlds. It is expressed through consciousness and presence.

What you focus on while saying those words is what changes. When you attach something to I am; you become it. Think of it as an affirmation that you only utilize to illuminate the state being expressed through the I am presence. If you do not want to illuminate it or strengthen its presence in your life; then know you do not want to place it behind I am.

I am that, I am. This is our divine connection with all that is in the Universe. What we say after these words is how we are defining ourselves.

“I am means pure being” – David Allen 

Otherwise known as Om (yet it sounds more like aum in its more complete form).

Speak I am as you would a mantra. Let the pure stream of consciousness flow through you. Speak it as your highest ideal of being.

Meditate on the words, I am, and feel the power and inspiration that comes forth.

What we place behind those words can limit us or it can expand us. It is our choice what we want to focus on and bring with a very strong universal force into our lives.

If we want a new way of being then we must repeat them time after time.

Breathe. Controlled breathing centers and amplifies the effect.

I am that (out breath – sends it out into the world), I am (in breath- bring into you).

What inspires you: joy, peace, beauty, abundance….  I am that, I am.

That power manifests into your life. Know and understand yourself as a true divine being here to serve.


“It is the consciousness of being the thing that makes it effective” – David Allen

Manifesting things (acquiring things for the ego) is not the same as bringing something through us such as joy and peace. You feel empty if you forget about the soul. IF we can BE and live in BEINGNESS, we have the presence of God. It’s not about cars or houses, it’s about the God within. The divine.

Being fully in the body and using the energy of love while accessing the energy of oneness allows you  to experience this I am presence.

The key is to use it for the purpose of the light within, the divine, for it to truly come to life within each and every one of us.

Keep a pure intention, relax, and step into a new world. We are a power of good in the world.

What you place behind I am, you eventually become. Affirm and believe the I am in you, which is awareness and existence.

“I now feel that I am, that which I long to be” – David Allen

Let’s change what is going on within us, and watch our outer world transform.

I am strong, I am compassionate, I am loving, I am…  free.

Free people do not have masters. Be all you are to be… Be the master of your own ship.

“Our work is to make ourselves visible in the world. This is the soul’s individual journey, and the soul would much rather fail at its own life than succeed at someone else’s.” – Crossing the Unknown Sea, David Whyte

I have a purpose, you have a purpose, we have a purpose.

I am that, I am.

Ulonda Faye has a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies, and studied peace and conflict research during her Masters program in International Relations. She experienced a Near Death Experience during an accident that led her into Mind-Body-Spirit studies. She is a certified Wellness Practitioner, Rejuv Miracles Practitioner, and holistic esthetician. She also offers life coaching. Her services are available in English and German.


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