Turning the Everyday Mundane into a Prayer for our Salvation

By in Love, Mastershift

Daily chores that need little thought are perfect opportunities for meditation. Every moment you spend in directed intention, when your mind, body and spirit are focused and flowing in motion and total dedication to a task at hand, you are in a state of meditation. In that state of alignment and present moment, being you can plant peace-filled intentions into the field of pure potential and contribute your energies to raise the vibrations and the collective consciousness of the planet.

The repetitive tasks of everyday life are gem-like windows of time that can be used to cultivate your own energies and healing light and to connect to the moment. Immersing yourself in the task at hand can put your whole world into a new perspective: As you wash up take the time to look at the beautifully painted plate that began as a thought and now that thought is in your hand; as you hoover, imagine your thought energy being painted around your house as you fill the space with loving, nurturing thoughts that travel out into the ether, and as you travel to work, feel the road beneath you as you glide through time and space and send gratitude and love for the experience.  When these moments of your day are perceived as gorgeously wrapped up presents of time that you can invest in as fuel for the peace of the planet, they suddenly have a totally different meaning.

Instead of sending energies of procrastination, dread, reluctance, irritability or impatience into the universe, that we all feel about the drags of modern day living at times; see them as wonderful opportunities to send out beautiful thoughts of nurturing, nourishing, healing and love filled energies to the world. Imagine all the other people on the planet going about their day doing the same and feel their energies gliding out and joining in union to build and cultivate a protective layer of peace surrounding and nurturing the planet.

As modern day human beings we spend at least 2 hours every day on housework, travel, exercise and activities that are repetitive but necessary. That is at least 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month and 672 hours a year! Imagine if just 1% of people developed the habit of dedicating this time to praying and sending thoughts to heal the planet and raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness? That’s 70 million people spending 672 hours each a year praying for the healing of our world and everything on it. By the law of metaphysics that has got to manifest some serious healing!

The Master Shift’s inspiration derived from a sentence from a book Executive Director Christine Segal was reading called “Edgar Cayce on Angels: Archangels and the Unseen Forces” by Robert J. Grant:

“The prayers of ten may save a city; the prayers of twenty-five may save a nation – in union there is strength.”  

Therefore, if a global community of peace seeking souls were to use these gems of time every day to meditate on a specific subject or simply the healing of our planet and our people, then the energies sent to heal that focus would be magnified.

Your life will benefit to. The process of focusing and sending love to the world also switches your own vibration and as a result of giving out and sending love into the universe, by the laws of metaphysics you will attract more to feel loving towards and you too will find healing and love in your life.

It’s a beautiful way of perceiving and dealing with the consequences of our busy modern day lives. No more cursing at the pile of washing up, the car that needs washing or the 5 mile run you’ve promised yourself you’ll do- connect to the other million people in the world sending love to the universe and feel the collective vibrations pulsate through your own world.

Using the mundane shackles of modern day living as tools for our salvation.



About the Author:


Caya is a Transformational Life Coach with 15 years experience in Personal and Spiritual Development and Transformation. She coaches one to one and in groups, blogs, holds workshops & webinars, writes articles and is currently writing her first novel on shifting the collective consciousness into a new world of unified intuition and harmonisation. Caya’s mission is to help others to live free, courageous and bliss filled lives. To raise awareness of the power of positivity and help others gain freedom from their own mental conditioning and limiting beliefs. Through helping others to step into their Power and to develop their Vision, their Courage and Grace, her clients are able to build a life of clarity, abundance and bliss.

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  1. Theresa 7 years ago

    And as regards the nature of the modern world, probably the single most important event in the "early 17th Century" would be the revolt of the Orange against the rule of the greater Hapsburgian Empire – it's difficult to ovzhaempr-siee just how crucial this was.

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