To My Soulmate – A Poem

By in Mastershift


I love you…

I love you in that sacred space

Between the inhale and the exhale of my ever breathing soul

I love you with the bones

Of my ancestors

With the footprints of the tribes

With the songs of Gods and Goddesses

we have neatly hidden in the past

I love you and I crave you

Like a blind man seeks the light

Like the dry land seeks the raindrops

After burning in the fire

of the unforgiving desert sun

I love you and I let my screaming echo

rip the skies

And still the night

Let it reach out through the oceans

And break the secret coding of our lives

Let it tirelessly fearlessly travel

Over meadows, over mountains high

Until it gently reaches you while sleeping

In the far and foreign land…

Let it in and let it kiss you

Hear the message that it brings

Feel my presence

God I miss you

And I love you

And I always will…


About the Author:


I am Daniela Nikolova and this is my song….. I am a self-taught intuitive and international soul artist , poetess , writer, health and happiness guide. My journey to self re-discovery started after my second child was born when I found myself into a cycle of never ending physical challenges. It felt as if my world was crumbling down underneath my feet. I felt as if that was the end of my story to only discover that the end was indeed the beginning of the new me emerging . The I , who was always meant to be, was and waited to be found underneath layers of what seemed to have become my reality. My healing began once I surrendered to the whispers of my heart. To my true calling. To the voice that came from the deepest core of my being. My life started to look different as I changed the way I looked at my life. I was re-gaining my strength and the more I trusted my journey, the clearer my path and soul purpose became. I still remember the day when I was guided to buy few paint brushes, blue and white paint, an easel and a canvas. I set it all up in my home and stared at it for 3 months.One evening I felt the presence of Archangel Michael and just simply surrendered to the urge to paint.I did. I did my first painting. A pair of baby blue angel wings. The energy was so pure and so intense at the same time. I stood , I thanked in silence and cried tears of joy and gratitude. I felt as if I have just painted the biggest part of my true self , my soul purpose , my path. As I continued painting, I started to receive messages often in the form of poems. They all carried depth and profound meaning. The energy of unconditional love, healing and awareness. I have always been passionate about expression. Expression of the free spirit and love which lives within the heart of each and one of us. I love surrendering to the humble feeling of being able to guide others find the way to their own heart and their own truth. By inspiring and empowering them just by holding a sacred space for them within my own heart and supporting them by the messages I receive during the process of creation as well as the frequencies of higher awareness and love on a piece of canvas and a simple written word. My work is now displayed in the treatment rooms of alternative medicine practitioners and energy healers as well as private homes locally and internationally. I am not here to change your world. I am here to guide you in the process of creating your own miracle. I am here to guide you find your own light and experience the depth of your true essence – love, pure unconditional love. To believe in it, to savour it and to surrender to the calling of your own precious heart. I love you.

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  1. Meagan marks 9 years ago

    Thank you that is lovely. Sometimes I feel as if the words I love you are not enough to convey the depth of feeling I have for my soul mate. I keep thinking of the avatar line of “I see you” but it’s not just I see you it’s I see me by seeing you. The lines of separate don’t seem to apply.

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