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In the beginning

Is flowing water.

Scientists tell us that this same water makes up 70% of our body.

Pure, cleansing water got me thinking. After research and experimentation this is what I found:

Drinking, slurping, definitely not guzzling  2 litres of clean water a day keeps you fresh and alert.

Because water changes your anatomy and specifically brightens your mood.

And your thinking.

Simply by drinking deliciously fresh water.

Glorious green glasses bought; fruit beautifully embodied onto them, glamourising the ritual of drinking water.

Even bathing in water gives you an extra hydrating cleanse, especially when adding a sprinkle of sea salt.

Look at what you digest each day.

Are you digesting good stuff? And I don’t just mean your food…

Right now, your eyes are moving across these words left, centre to right. Thoughts recite in your head. These thoughts sound just like your own voice. It takes these syllables into your mind.  You are taking these words directly inside. Like you take your food directly into your mouth.

Every word you read and hear, you digest!

Spending as much time as possible in uplifting, inspiring environments provides your digestive system with much better nourishment.  This helps frame your thought patterns more constructively.

Let us ponder….

Have you ever noticed that the very same things you think about sometimes appear in some form or another, just moments, hours or days later like a coincidence or synchronicity?

Please allow me to demonstrate.

Express your world

Outside a store in a city centre last year. Autumn, November, like now, it was fresh and crisp.  The sun was busying itself being; reflecting beautiful visions of golden light onto the street.  Leaves lying around in wait, a final blaze, an encore before going to ground.  Above, on a billboard, a size you could not miss but often do, was the very thing I was thinking about only moments before…


Later that same day, browsing through a newspaper, I noticed an article about an author asking people to send in anonymous postcards with secrets on.

Afterwards I popped into a coffee shop and overheard a pretty brunette saying to her friend ‘you should send yourself a postcard, it really does help’.

The next day I was reading a new chapter in a book, my eyes scanned over the words ‘try sending yourself a postcard as a fun thing to do’.

Can you imagine what I was thinking?

Were these all coincidences? Or were my thoughts following me around? I decided to take action and to watch them. Thoughts then started to appear before my eyes. Not all of them, just the ones that I really focused on were the ones I saw everywhere.

With this in mind, (please excuse the pun), having learnt my own truths; that I see what I think about in some form or another. I decided to purposefully put my thoughts into action, keeping them only focused on stuff I wanted to see.

Since then I have watched other human beings change before my beautiful bright eyes. Like flowers in bloom, caterpillars into butterflies or craggy, sour faced men and women into beautiful light hearted happy people.

The first time I saw this my eyes filled with joyful tears.

I know my truth now, instead of just believing it. I also know that if I can do this; so can anyone. 

I have made my ‘world a better place’ with the ‘man in the mirror’.  Making friends with old enemies, watching the grey die and the pink blossom.  Changed, with scars and survived. Built up betterment, wisdom, and unity.

I have seen hearts burst into tears of joy, mountains peak with relief, and snowfalls of forgiveness simply melt away.

I have seen the strong fall and crash to the ground, only to be humbled with hands of a loving heart, a soulful thought and a melodic mind. That sweet loving sound you and I create every moment when we think a word, every moment that we speak a word and every moment that we read a word. That’s what we can change.

Let us sing and speak words of joy, of peace, of unity and all that is good. Let us see the beauty in every face, in every smile and in every eye. Let us think only good, loving, kind and compassionate thoughts. Let us stand tall together and walk through the song of life.

About the Author:

Anne Marie Baker, Student of a better truth.

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