The Simple Solution to the World’s Problems

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I’ve written before that I think the world’s problems are caused from a lack of love and compassion, and we have to love ourselves if we want to have compassion for those who struggle. Sadly, a lot of people suffer from a massive lack of self-love, which is evident in their lifestyle and the way they interact with others.

You can tell if someone lacks self-love by their views or beliefs, the way they treat people and the way they live in general, and the greatest spiritual sickness the world knows – the sickness that causes negative or careless behavior – is the inability to love oneself, which reduces one’s love for the world. When felt on a massive scale, this deficiency causes wars and all kinds of other brutal things that we have to deal with in the world today.

If we can understand the importance of self-love – not just for the world, but for each of us who suffers without it – I think we can make some crucial personal shifts that the world will eventually reflect. As the ‘trend’ catches on, more and more people will jump onboard and rediscover what they’ve been missing for so long. The misery and drudgery that’s often associated with life will slowly fade, and with our self-love rightfully restored, we’ll have no problem coming together to create a new way of living.

When we fall away from love, unhappiness is bound to follow because it depends on love to survive. We can try to be happy all we want, but ultimately, happiness is found in the heart and not in the mind, which convinces us we need to try to be anything other than what we already are. In doing so, it blocks us from our higher consciousness.

If we want happiness, we need love. If we want a life of joy and fulfillment, we have to create it for ourselves. We can’t expect any person, circumstance or material thing to keep us happy, but we’ll enjoy them a lot more when we have love in our hearts and we can express it without holding back.


Love is the root of happiness, and a lack of love is the root of suffering.

Clearing the mind and allowing it to access the heart’s vibrant wisdom teaches us about love’s role in life and spirituality, and we have to put the intuitive teachings we receive into play if we want them to help us grow. If we know that love is crucial, let’s seek it within. If we learn that clearing the mind helps us reconnect with love, let’s clear it often so the energy and insight can flow.

Most of the world has forgotten about love and compassion, and this is why there’s so much violence and chaos here. It’s why people disregard the sanctity of life on a daily basis, and it’s why we have hateful people here who are only concerned with getting ahead in life, no matter what it takes or who they have to hurt.

They’ve forgotten how to love themselves, and they can’t be expected show any regard for others if their love for themselves is so depleted. Some of them have been conditioned to live the way they do, and if you grow up witnessing violence all your life, there’s a chance you’ll carry that into adulthood and become what you witnessed.

Some people grow up with a complete lack of love, compassion or anything that nourishes the soul and unites us as people and spiritual beings. Some have had to witness and be a part of horrendous things, even at an early age, and they perpetuate this lifestyle because it’s all they know. They don’t know love – especially self-love. They know the heavily conditioned environment in which they’ve been raised, and until someone somehow makes them see that a different way of life is not only possible, but essential, they’ll continue to live a loveless life in a world that just doesn’t care.

They’ll carry on the traditions they witnessed as children, and their grandchildren might carry them on too. It’s all caused from a fundamental lack of the most important thing we could ever have as individuals, and while some will tell you that lack is an illusion and we have all the love we could ever need, a lot of people have covered up their love and convinced themselves it doesn’t exist. These are the ones who suffer, and on a subconscious level, they wish they could free themselves from the mental prison they’ve created.

It’s our task to get past all of our inner gunk and rediscover our wellspring of love and bliss, and in doing so, we can help them rediscover theirs too. People won’t wake up and embrace love until they’re ready, so we can only try to set an example and hope that others eventually come on board.

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Nikola Tesla once said he was always working for the future, and we can pair this with our goals and use it as motivation. We want to help people wake up and make positive personal and societal changes, and even if it takes a few generations, we’ll know we contributed to the foundation that eventually and inevitably allowed for widespread social change.

I think that the first step to creating a positive change in the world is to return to love, and it’ll help us work through our troubles and get to a space where they no longer inhibit us so we can focus more on social action. Imagine a time when we no longer have things to be so upset and distracted over, and we can live a simple, peaceful life, connect with everyone who crosses our path on a deeper level and inspire the world to move in a new direction.

This can only happen when we love ourselves, and once we do, our love will pour out of us and reach everyone who’s forgotten about it, helping them wake up and inspire the people around them to shift their minds and open their hearts too. Self-love is the simplest and most effective solution to the world’s problems, because it causes us to care for our fellow man. Once we care, we’ll no longer allow poverty or other horrendous human rights abuses because we’ll have finally learned to love (and fight for) one another.


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