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The mind projects the universe onto the screen of awareness.

The mind is a filter of this consciousness, allowing us access to our soul knowledge and higher knowledge of the realms beyond.
The sequencing mechanism is the brain and central nervous system.The brain is a physical component of the body whereas the mind has no exact physical location. The mind encompasses far more, the mental aspect that includes the body, self-awareness and subjectivity.

When physical stimuli enter the body, they are converted into electrical or chemical signals and sent to the brain, where neurons in turn release signals which may produce mental signals like thoughts or perceptions. Essentially, a physical component is converted into a mental signal that creates a subjective response—thought or feeling.
The wisdom and feeling center is the heart. The gut is the physical and primal gateway into life (our physical life-source from fetus to birth via the umbilical cord into infancy and beyond).

Our breathing is part of our mind consciousness. The breath is our constant exchange with our immediate environment; the atmosphere around us. Most people make an average of 750 million breaths in a lifetime. Each time is an opportunity for effortless relaxation, to gain an awareness of life’s constant ebb and flow. Impermanence is the signature of the breath.

The mind has a vision and ability to bring to life our creativity. The mind will not always support people to envision and manifest what it is they want—but it has the mission to reflect and mirror the creation of what is.
There is no coincidence in reading (or writing) these words—nothing is accidental or beyond the infinite mind. The self is not separate from the Higher self or soul being. The body is a temporary vessel for our spiritual essence and through knowledge comes expanded understanding of our innate abilities and potentiality. Do we respect this vessel, guide it, treat it with love, honor and respect?

Some might wonder, “What am I supposed to be doing?” The answer is in our name—human beings. We are not human doings. Innately we are of purpose, of value, integrity and worth just by our being—our very nature is part of the Divine and sacred essence. When we seek this purpose outside of our soul’s plan for us, it can lead to feelings of disconnection, confusion and loss.

This means we can relax, breathe, take it easy. It means the burden vanishes, disappears and we no longer need to carry it with us or revisit it ever again. We are all learning to soften our labels and judgements and expand the love vibration.
All human beings currently incarnated have strong lessons of judgement to work out, as we expand our consciousness. When we realize that we are all unique expressions of the Divine blueprint, and no two beings are created the same, it unlocks an important understanding of expansiveness and a vast multifarious natural world.

There is nothing to seek—it is all with us already. We are love and we are never separated from God.
The feeling of separation is common to people and leads them on a search. This feeling is an illusion. All feelings are valid but so are illusions. We do not need to seek to suppress feelings or illusions, just choose different experiences and expressions for ourselves.

There are many different levels of soul knowledge; we are able to access this knowledge through our crown chakra if we allow for an opening to come through. We are the ones that develop this channel so the wisdom from the infinite realm can penetrate. It is much like a stream that is there just waiting to be tapped into.

We are also all linked to the collective mind or what Jung called the collective unconscious. In our ascension to higher levels of awareness, also known as humanity’s awakening, we are starting to consciously evolve and be aware of all the darkness that has held us hostage for so long—the pitfalls of ego consciousness—selfishness, fear, alienation, separation, greed, control, lust, abuse of power and an endless desire for material possessions.

For too long the original loving blueprint has decayed and the powers of selfishness have over-run the planet. A person always has the opportunity and invitation to move beyond this plague of materialism and enter into a pure state of awareness where the authentic soul essence is revealed.

Many of us currently incarnated have been busy liberating and clearing our karma from previous lifetimes. The law of karma is in essence a spiritual law of consequence, that says that everything we do to others will be done to us. Every event that occurs will create a response directly relative to its cause.

“Who you are” is reflected in what you have brought forth into fulfillment as a being of light.
In each person, there is God consciousness, which is love. God is pure love, and purity is without doubt. The prism of density with which we understand the world is encumbered by the Earth dimension. This places a limitation on our ability to connect to God, yet it does not make it impossible.

We are not separate from each other, nor is the world completely illusory. God is revealed within the illusion, as well as being part of the illusion. Once we make the leap into feeling, we can feel that we all are alike, we all are from one Source, we are all part of God. There is a corollary to this insight—God created us as we created God. The universe is within. In Mahanirvana tantra, there is a saying, “In truth, every body is the universe.”

This connection to eternity holds great potential. By loving the self and the world as we project it to be, we have the power to change it all.

About the author:

David G Starlight is an international SOUL-COACH who travels the world as a transformational healer and speaker. He is working on a book on self-empowerment, and developing journey retreats to places of spiritual activation. David is actively seeking partners to co-create his vision of an enlightened and unified planet of choice. He can be reached via email ([email protected]) and websites, and


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