The Power of Positive Imaging

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How do you see people that are close to you? Have you ever said things like, “I just KNEW he would disappoint me?” or “I knew that I shouldn’t have trusted him?”

Have you considered that the energy of your thoughts is shaping your experience with this person? The book Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale has been a huge eye-opener for me. It taught me an amazing thing: that you can shape your life however you want it to be. Why not shape it towards love, positivity and peace?

If you haven’t heard of Positive Imaging, it is seeing an event in your mind’s eye, in detail, before the event actually comes to pass, or visualizing a relationship that you have with a person as being the positive, loving relationship you want it to be. You might have heard of creative visualization…Positive Imaging is similar to creative visualization but with one major distinction. With positive imaging, one must pray to a higher source before and after the imaging exercise. Prayer will ensure that the imaging is for the highest good of all and is meant to send gratitude, in advance, for the scenario coming true.

I have been doing creative visualization for years but I didn’t have a name or label for it. I just knew that I felt really good to put these positive thoughts into my mind and hold on to them. I have had great success with it for the most important relationships in my life – with my husband and my children.

You might remember a blog post that I wrote months ago about me Squashing the Jealous Monster Within. I had used creative visualization like CRAZY when I decided that I wanted to overcome that dark period in my life. I saw myself and my husband having peaceful days and enjoying each other’s company with no arguing (which as one point seemed like a pipe dream!). I saw myself as feeling safe at all times, and trusting with all my heart that he was loyal, even when I wasn’t with him. This visualization changed my vibe towards him, softened my heart and let down my guard. Which in turn softened his heart to me.

Finally the cycle was going in the right direction! I was so excited when I started to notice major shifts in my marriage. Today, I no longer question him, ever. And I am very proud to say that I have a really great marriage. We both worked hard for it.

I also visualized a new relationship with my teenage daughter. In the past, she was as contrary as they come and she was heading down a very dangerous path with the types of activities she was getting into. So I went to work on seeing her as I knew she could be when she was at her best. I saw her as a kindhearted kid who wanted to do good things in this world. I saw her involved in positive activities at school, with friends of hers who were decent kids and didn’t stir up drama. I saw her laughing and smiling because she was having a fun day and not sabotaging any of her well-deserved happiness. I saw her as happy.

I have a good relationship with my teen now. My visualization of her softened my heart towards her and helped me see her as the person I knew she could be instead of focusing on the negative. She felt my belief in her and has since grown and matured so much.

Two of the most important relationships in my life were turned around by my thoughts. I want to mention that I also expressed my belief of to both my husband and daughter verbally, very often, until I truly felt that belief in my core.

Now the next step for me is to upgrade my creative visualization to positive imaging by adding in the prayer to God. I believe that God wants each person on this earth to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. And I believe that we help activate that in a person by our belief in them and our thoughts of them. We are channels for God’s work and through our imaging exercises we can create amazing goodness in this world.

How wonderful is it that it is so simple to create positive change in our relationships and in the world? All you have to do is sit quietly, image someone in your mind’s eye as being the powerful force of goodness that they can be, and pray.

 About the Author: 
Annabelle Husson is a grateful mom of 3, a loved and loving wife, and a lifelong learner. She is a leader in her field of natural alternatives, specifically essential oils. She has helped others create transformations in their lives by implementing these natural solutions. Her passion is helping others discover their own inherent power…that power that everyone is born with but is often forgotten. This passion was ignited in herself when she discovered her own power in actively choosing positive over negative, light over darkness, gratitude over resentment. With that discovery of her own power, she realized she could help others find this illuminated path as well.
To find Annabelle, visit or her Facebook Page: Love True Freedom

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  1. Jerald Estoso 8 years ago

    Our actions are guided by our thoughts but it is impossible to think about something without visualising it. Have you ever analyzed that we cannot think about any thing without imagining it? This occurs because our mind converts everything we think into an image and when we think about a particular scenario our mind creates a series of images. If we think about the positive features or good habits of a person, you will be behave nicely with them. Even if they commit a mistake there will be a soft corner in our heart for them. While if we don’t like a person, our attitude and behaviour would be rude to them.
    Sometimes a situation is completely non-existent in real life but because we have imagined it we believe it to be existent. This can sometimes cause problems for us. If we think good, we will imagine good then do good and in return we will get good. This is the power that lies in positive imagining.

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