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Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” ~ Max Planck

We are agents of consciousness.

In Australian Aboriginal tradition, one of the oldest religious beliefs still practised today, Dreamtime (the Dreaming) is how the world is continually created. The sacred Rainbow Serpent – a creator god – connects the rainbow and the snake who share a common shape, distilling the season’s cycles, representing water as an essential part of life, and reminding us of God through the vastness of the sky.

The Serpent is viewed as a provider and creator of life through water, its lyrical shape and movement is its life-force, its power to strike is the immense force of Nature. A Rainbow seen across the sky is the rainbow serpent moving between waterholes. An angry or vengeful serpent will bring natural disasters like drought, flood, thunder, lightning and bush fires. The Serpent deity rules via water, meandering across the landscape creating rivers, streams, waterways and lakes on its journey from the hills down to the ocean.

The immense Serpent created the Earth fashioned from the ground up into sculptural forms, ridges and gorges.The Australian Aboriginal people feel the full force and thrust of Nature – it is alive in their tradition. “Everywhen” denotes the here and now, which is past, present and future co-existing as one without separation. Mystery is always tangible for them, it breathes into their souls, it animates them.

The concept of dreaming creation into being is not only an Aboriginal one, it’s common to many ancient cultures. Only God and Man can Create out of dreams.  Ancient Egyptians used dream temples, which were healing centres or hospitals under the guidance of Imhotep, High Priest of Ra, the sun god. These dream temples apparently focused on the psychology of the mind, chanting for trance or hypnosis, dream analysis, meditation, fasting, and sacrifices to the spirit gods. Similarly, the ancient Greeks and Romans built sleep temples. Greek healing temples were called Asclepieion, which focused on healing prayers to Asclepios, the God of Medicine.

When we explore our cultural history and lost civilisations, we can unearth something about ourselves, perhaps forgotten in layers of subconscious miasma. We can rediscover our profound connection to Nature and our own role in the creation of our inner and outer worlds. We can explore dreaming and consciousness and engage with our power of now. Aboriginal rites may have been painted by Western historians as “primitive” – yet that only diminishes us if we see the world through such myopic eyes. In fact, the author and scientist, Fred Alan Wolf, has a theory that dreaming is the basis of consciousness – through dreaming, we are able to create and manifest a sense of ourselves. Perhaps our Aboriginal fore-bearers had the more accurate understanding of the world, and Western ideology was really the “primitive” one?

The dreamtime is alive and well and we are always invited to experience its eloquence.

Imagine for a moment being released by all acquired identities and transported into the dreamtime. Stepping out of body, going up a few levels to a place of spirit beyond space and time, where there are no definitions of right and wrong and definitely no ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’, ‘ifs’ or ‘buts!’ I like to describe this infinite space of possibility as the mind of Creator. In this wonderful playground of consciousness, I am no thing, nothing. I can play, dancing with the infinite, being a Game-master. Since there are no rules, I cannot make mistakes. I float freely in pure spirit – weightless and formless, I dance without a body, with no agenda, without gender, history or future, and all is fun. I am at one with all Creation. In this space, there is pure harmony.

Holding a sacred space with Creator, I am in the Divine womb being purified. In this way, I spiritually experience myself and the world in a new way, so I may come out elevated and my consciousness expanded. I may come to understand people and myself from a new, higher perspective. I may have many realisations about how I have been viewing and etching my reality.

Coming down a few levels, I return back to my Earthly body and get sucked back into this vortex and ground myself into the Earth, embracing my human-ness. I may still go back into the dreamtime whenever is appropriate. What is important to take from my experience in the dreaming, is to look and see with my heart, to lead in all areas from the heart. If one sees from the heart, one will find it all. Compassion and devotion will expand naturally.

In this earthly realm, we believe in space and time (past, present and future). Everything about this planet seems so real. However, if we take ourselves up a few notches, we realise we are spirit having a human experience, and the entire creation is a hologram of consciousness.

Our cognitive empowerment does not always equate to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. There can be a disconnect between manifesting our ideal life and the pivot point of the present, where we meet this moment in time. In other words – whilst we may feel ourselves as spiritual beings, the reality we meet may differ vastly from the peace, tranquility and love we wish to experience.We are a human vessel within the hologram. We are a cell within the Gaia consciousness, within the collective mind.

Since there are so many aspects to our beingness – to who we are as human beings – we are always playing a balancing act, sculpting our reality like fine masters, yet also succumbing to the physical structures and events in place, and the agendas of other sets or clusters of consciousness.

Since the time we think is real is pure illusion, it’s like our whole world that seems so real, is actually merely a mask created by and for consciousness, constantly changing and infinite in all directions. All that remains is the power of now – the now that is really eternity.

The “human” experience of “reality,” identification with the ego, and the carrying of so many symbols and thought-constructs of who and what we are (none of which are real) – involves a temporary body living on borrowed time. The physical world we create for ourselves is a self-deception. It is only the soul that we take with us, it is only the soul that is long-lasting and our link to the infinite, the Divine.

Whatever dramas we face are always and perpetually self-created to facilitate growth and healing. Whatever experiences touch our lives, however complete they may seem from our point of view, are part of the narrative of the mind. Experiences are moods of the elements, like the movements of the moon and the sun. As seriously as we take life, from this point of view, life is merely change itself – consciousness at play and becoming aware of itself. Infinite creations and infinite alternatives exist in all dimensions. We are merely vessels of consciousness.

To be human, means to live within a created reality, that although technically is an illusion, feels so densely physical and plays according to physical rules like gravity. Masters of creation could play with this unity field, as they knew it was not real. Since we think it is real, it shows itself to be very real. If you run through a wall, you may find yourself on the ground in pain. Be careful with these ideas, as only someone who has not invested in this construct of reality, the belief that we are physical, is able to shape-shift, to levitate, to walk on water. Game-changers are not attached to the illusion and therefore can move beyond the collective energetic matrix.

The energy we have collected communicates to us in thought-forms that align with our belief system and soul consciousness. How does one break through from these belief systems?

In awareness, we may release identification with those aspects of ourselves out of harmony, healing all dissonance and creating new frontiers that are already here in other dimensions. Knowing is not enough – we have to embody and live it too – we have to understand the signature of the reality we wish to create.

Since all that we experience is a function of consciousness, all energy that is created by consciousness may become part of the eternal now. Consciously creating is simply believing something and expecting it to be realised – the timeline is up to what we believe it should be.

As we weave ourselves through the Divine matrix, we become more self-aware and gradually co-exist with change as masters of creation.

Enjoy the dreaming!

About the Author:  David G. Arenson ND

David G. Arenson ND is an international SOUL-COACH who travels the world as a transformational healer and speaker. He is working on a book on self-empowerment, and developing journey retreats to places of spiritual activation. David is actively seeking partners to co-create his vision of an enlightened and unified planet of choice. He can be reached via email ([email protected]) and websites, and


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