The Master Shift Operative

The Master Shift Operative

Your donations make a difference.

The Master Shift creates, organizes, and facilitates global meditations, workshops, and events that raise the vibrational energy of life. As each one of us SHIFTs, the harmony/the movement continues to come to life. Your financial support helps to keep us going.

The Master Shift operates solely on voluntary donations to carry out every effort toward our mission of a harmonized planet. We welcome sponsors, endowments, and in-kind service volunteers as well. Your financial contribution, of any size, is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated.

See our Gratitude Wall for a list of supporters just like YOU and show your support for The Movement/The Master SHIFT.

Master Shift Charity Work

The Master Shift is committed to assisting other organizations in reaching their goals. We carefully research and select charities whose missions are in alignment with ours and dedicate 50% of all monies raised during our global meditations on their behalf. The Master Shift has no designated charity at this time. All current donations made benefit the functionality of The Master Shift. Stay Tuned for future partnerships and charities.

Thank you for your financial support!