Planetary Retrogrades; Taking a Step Back

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2016 starts off with the planet Mercury retrograding and Jupiter joining him on January 7th. This year we will also experience a Mars retrograde along with an extra Mercury retrograde (4 this year instead of the usual 3). These retrogrades are above all else teaching us to re-direct our authority to Spirit; this year let the Divine take the lead. By doing so you will experience miracles that you may not able to fathom at the moment. However the key is to surrender, ride these waves, open you heart and allow your mind to trust.

Mercury is retrograde from January 4th until January 25th. This retrograde will mostly occur in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn energy loves to have a plan, can be controlling and wants to be in charge. However Mercury is asking us to re-think this attitude.  A good mantra for this energy is “the only thing I know is that I know nothing at all; and that’s ok!”. Capricorn loves to act as a captain; let us instead see ourselves as co-pilots to the divine. By doing so things will not only become smoother but also less stressful. This is a time of surrendering control and the need to understand the outcome. Trust that life knows where to take you and relax as this path unfolds. This time of year many are creating plans and intentions. Continue to do so but as you are setting goals say something like: “I will create this or something better” to keep the door open for divine intervention.

The best thing to do during these retrogrades is to listen to what the Universe/God/the Divine is showing you. If you are tired; listen to your body and rest. If you are guided to move forward, go for it! By no means is this a time to put every area of your life on hold. Instead it’s about discerning where it will serve to step back and where it will feel good to advance.

Anything that breaks down is seeking to be upgraded. Don’t allow these happening to stress you out; instead embrace them with an attitude of gratitude knowing that Life supports you. This is a foggy time and things may not make logical sense; trust and surrender the need to logically understand until at least January 25th.

All of the Mercury retrogrades this year are happening in Earth signs. Teaching us to plant seeds and have patience as these plants grow. A mindset of patience and trust is key. We can’t force a plant to grow faster no matter how much we think about it. We are planting deep roots this year that will serve us for decades to come. Our minds (ruled by Mercury) may want to figure out how these harvest will grow, when they will be ready and how much fruit they will yield. Not the year for that. By trusting and somehow finding a way to be comfortable in the “not knowing” the harvests will surpass your wildest expectations.

Avoid the tendency to feel overwhelmed. If something you are creating feels like a burden; find a way to make it fun and exciting. Take everything step by step and enjoy the process moment by moment free of expectations or stress.

Mercury retrogrades this year from April 29th to May 23rd, August 31st to September 23rd and December 20th to January 9th. It is especially important to practice trust and patience during these period.

Every 2 or so years the planet Mars retrogrades. This will happen April 17th until June 29th. Take action and create from a place of truth. Tune within and listen to your intuition before acting. This is a time to slow down and again; trust the process. Transformation is occurring for each of us on a personal and collective level. This cannot be forced. Instead be gentle with yourself.

Traveling through the sign of Scorpio; Mars is asking us to bravely face our fears, listen to our intuitions and act on the truth. We have learned a lot over the last 3 years (because Saturn has travelled through this area). It is now time to put into practice all that the last 3 years have taught us. The most important lesson of this retrograde is to cultivate a internal relationship with yourself. You posses all the guidance you need; turn within and listen it.

Quickly I’ll touch on Jupiter and Saturn’s retrogrades. Jupiter is retrograde from January 7th until May 9th. This is a period of tapping into the wealth that lays within us all. Instead of looking outside yourself for resources and riches cultivate the feeling of wealth within. If you can first feel the sensation internally; these blessings will be able manifest externally into your life. Mostly it will be a time of releasing details and expanding what you believe you are capable of.

Saturn is retrograde from March 25th until August 13th. Saturn is also teaching us to upgrade what we believe is possible. Take a look at the thoughts you think day to day. Do they support your highest potential or are they limiting you? Saturn teaches us that everything worth doing takes commitment; commit to knowing you are responsible for creating the life you want to live. Also know that your creation is based on your inner state of mind. Know the thoughts you think create your life and so it’s important to think responsibly! During this period get clear on what you want to build and cultivate beliefs that support those intentions.

Here’s to a transformative year for us all!

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About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, writer,teacher, assistant and more. Shannon loves nothing more than to share the wisdom of the planets. She is available for personal and group astrology chart readings. Mostly she loves new friends so feel free to get social with her. Find her at, on Facebook and Instagram.


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