Pick Up One Piece Of Litter A Day: Sharing A Spiritual-As-Action Practice

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By John Williams

So many people love our beautiful Earth, our Mother Gaia. Since the 1970s, when I became an adult I declared my life for biology, ecology, conservation and environmentalism. I have seen the Earth become somewhat better. There are many more groups that are concerned with so many humanitarian things, rights, cleaner energy, preservation of habitat and species; even as we have become more populated. I am an optimist and think that our problems will continue to be solved by people caring in many forms.

However I have also seen litter increase since the 1970s. I understand that this form of pollution is not seen by others as critical or on the level as toxic waste, Superfund cleanups and oil spills. I cannot help imagine a future world where we have cleaner ecosystems yet they are covered with litter that might take hundreds of years to weather and disappear.

I have developed the idea of Pick Up One Piece Of Litter A Day since 1990, and produced 6000 bumperstickers, some of which have been funded. Their readership has possibly extended to millions of individuals, and has likely influenced many other worldwide, growing efforts—

Read more about Pick Up One Piece of Litter here.

My belief is that everyone on Earth should know the phrase.

Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Site methods are more limited in that they are restricted to specific areas, which causes litter soon to return. With these methods few individuals have to clean up lots of litter. Similarly, cleanup days for beaches or parks often do not permanently stop litter.

Lessening litter in an area has been shown to improve not only civic pride but even lower crime rates.


Another benefit of Pick Up One Piece Of Litter A Day is the inherent message to not only to help clean up but also to not litter.

Earth has the potential to be so much more beautiful. Whether a city street with its historic architecture, a seashore with its grandeur, a woodland path, a high desert, a suburb with its houses hiding myriads of lifestyles and families or a road leading to new horizons. Part of my meditative practice has led me to think of this phrase. Part of my spiritual practice is to share it and to ask that anyone reading this help create a Master Shift by sharing it so it can one day join the “going viral” curve. That will be a special day for Earth.

Pick Up One Piece Of Litter A Day: Everyone On Earth Should Know This Phrase

About the Author: Since 1974, seeing the need for environmentalism, John has devoted his life to the natural sciences. He has worked in fisheries, archaeology, ornithology, environmental education, writing, and is now a middle school science teacher.




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