November’s Full Moon; Releasing the Grip of Fear

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November’s full moon is one for the history books.

It’s clear that the world is in a time of transition; reality is shifting and no one is certain what the future will bring.

If this full moon can teach you one thing, it’s that the unknown is your friend. However as humans we are often taught to fear the unknown, because we don’t understand it or can’t control it.

Imagine there is a scratching on your door, you don’t know what it is so your mind defaults to fear. Is it a burglar? A guy with a gun? Someone angry? Someone who will hurt you? You mind jumps to crippling conclusions and you are left hiding in the corner.

No longer can we justify hiding, giving our power away or fearing until we’ve had an honest look at what it is. We have to get up and open the door, we must face the threat face on.

This is not comfortable and it leaves us feeling incredibly vulnerable. We are taking the terrifying walk from our corner to the door, bracing ourself for the pain on the other side.

Then we open the door. Only to discover it’s a puppy dog wanting to come inside and play. Not only was there no threat, but now your life is enhanced by the joy of this puppy.

This example can be applied to our individual lives and also the collective energies. Remember this is not a time to hide away from the things we fear. This is a time to embrace our inner detectives and get curious about our perceived threats. This takes courage and bravery; however we can do this.

As we all debunk the fears in our individual lives we are offering much healing to the collective. Take the transformation to the streets by incorporating rising above fear into your day to day life.

Fear is not the ultimate truth; it’s energy that is misunderstood. It’s now time for us to make an effort to understand what it is we fear. By doing so we can transmute the energy into love.

It is so okay to feel afraid, however it’s not okay to allow that fear to control your life. Not only are the things we fear an illusion, but there is a gift on the other side of them.

This Moon is also teaching us that our vibration and inner dialogue matter. Where you focus moment to moment adds energy to the collective. Please know that as we shift our inner worlds reality will shape shift too. However this takes time, patience and trust.

Be gentle with yourself. Be an observer. Explore what reality can teach you about your inner realms. Know that fear can be transformed through our awareness.

Notice your triggers, intense emotions and terrors. Know that honest self reflection, embracing new perspectives and trusting the unknown will make a world of difference.

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