New Moon Solar Eclipse; Being the Shift

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Solar Eclipse energy is blessing the planet and opening up pathways of possibilities. A new moon solar eclipse heralds a beginning, invites us on a journey and asks us to plant seeds of intentions. The energy of this current period will carry us through the next six months.

I see astrology as a tool to enhance our freewill choices. When we know it’s raining; we can opt to carry an umbrella. When we are aware of a new moon solar eclipse, we can chose to intentionally feel that which we wish to create.

It is happening in the sign of Pisces meaning it’s all about feelings this time around. We can work as hard as we like, make the most detailed plan, and accomplish our whole do to list; however if we do not do those things from a place of presence we miss the point.

Today, and in the coming days, the emphasis is on what you ARE versus what you do. If we all chose to love ourselves unconditionally, regardless of what we have done or haven’t done the world would instantly be a much happier place.

Instead we may choose to judge, compare and hold unreasonable standards for ourselves that can never met.

Now is the time to come back into your heart. To know that you are enough and you’ve done enough simply by being alive. That your energy and feelings create massive ripples out into the world. That we are all one and all is well.

Shift comparison to compassion. Resentment to forgiveness. Doubt to acceptance. Feeling separate to knowing you are part of a natural divine intelligence. These may seem like general statements but by applying them consistently to your life I know you will experience a master shift.

I relate the energy of a new moon to placing an order at a restaurant. We ask and then we patiently trust for it to be delivered. In the case of a solar eclipse we are placing an order for what we would like to eat for the next 6 months.

The best intention to hold right now is a vibrational one. Whether it’s peace, acceptance, joy, trust, love, security; feel those vibrations and allow life to mold them into physical form.

More than anything else please know that you are enough. That no matter what has happened you deserve love. Life is working for you, it’s asking you to ride this wave. If you feel afraid know that fear is merely false evidence appearing real.

Take this day to commit to yourself. It is completely acceptable to not know where life is going to take you. This is a much more exciting perspective because you are open to surprises. I trust that that the Universe knows what best for me. In fact that is my intention for this New Moon Eclipse; “Universe show me!” I invite you to join me in the adventure of life miraculously unfolding and guiding us every step of the way.


About the Author: Shannon is the editor for The Master Shift blog. She is a writer, artist, astrologer, teacher, assistant, emotional healer and more. Shannon loves to help others discover a passion and excitement for life. She is available for personal astrology chart readings along with creative marketing assistance. One of Shannon’s passions is emotional healing; she is a HeatSpeak practitioner. This is a system that identifies the emotional stress behind physical symptoms and works to clear and replace these stressors with healthier feelings. Shannon often hosts local and online groups focusing on topics such as angels, meditation, chakras, utilizing the healing energy of the Earth and more. Currently she is working on writing her first book. Mostly she is excited to be on the planet during this revolutionary time. Above all else Shannon’s intention is to BE a part of the Master Shift by centring in a space of love and transforming planet Earth as we know it.

Facebook: Shannon Hugman
Instagram: @shannonhugman

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    I will be the most happies man on earth ,to be part of you.

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