New Moon December 11th; Believe it’s Possible

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A New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle; it’s a time of birthing and intentions. December 11th’s new moon is asking us to have fun, upgrade our beliefs and put on the rose coloured glasses.

The Sun and the Moon are joining together in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign; passionate, warm and thrilling. Sagittarius energy is all about the big picture. Here anything can happen; unless we don’t believe it’s possible. The word impossible even states, “I’m possible”; it’s that kinda energy. Really, whose to say what’s possible or not? Well it all comes down to ourselves and often our minds. Opening our minds right now will pay off for years to come. Set intentions of what you want to create and know the more expansive, the better.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius brings the energy of good fortune, positivity and optimism to the table. Again, anything can happen unless we draw a boundary and put up our human blinders. If you choose to play it safe and small right now you are missing a mega opportunity. Take a leap, know your worthy and say yes to shining your light.

Change your thinking and your world will shift. Fake it until you make it. Beliefs are like muscles that need to be worked. It may take you 1000 affirmations of “I am enough” to actually believe it; but the time and effort is worth it.

The Universe is saying to us, “Hey human! It doesn’t have to be so hard. Give up the struggle and open yourself to the goodness that’s here now!”. Optimism is oxygen when we are dancing the Sagittarius jig. In a realm of pure potentiality, pessimism seriously suffocates the fire. It takes time to expand your perspective but all that’s necessary is a willingness to commit to it.

Saturn is joining this party so the more commitment and determination you have for embracing new possibilities the happier he will be. The lessons he’s teaching us over the next 2 years are demonstrating that unlimited possibilities are wanting to birth through us. The potential wants to become physical, tangible, real experiences. Say yes to this! It’s important to know, that this process can be easy. All that’s required is your allowance to let this energy take the lead.

Today, set an intention to let life show you how big, incredible and exciting it can be. This energy is larger than our human minds so if you are feeling tension trying to figure it out; let that go. Simply open your heart, dwell in a space of positivity and lovingly ask the Universe to “show me”. Then be grateful for what is now and patiently await as new blessings flood your reality.

About the Author: 

Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, writer,teacher, assistant and more. Shannon loves nothing more than to share the wisdom of the planets. She is available for personal and group astrology chart readings. Mostly she loves new friends so feel free to get social with her. Find her at, on Facebook and Instagram.

Image take by Christie Hugman in Kincardin, Ontario


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