A New Horizon: A Tribute to Wayne Dyer

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By Emma Cahill

Dr Wayne Dyer has always been an inspiration to me. Along with Dr. Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Neville Goddard are individuals who have each in their own way helped me enormously on my journey.

Wayne’s messages brought me home and allowed me to remember who I truly am. I always have his books by my side. When I heard of his passing in 2015 it really hit me. Although I knew that spirit never dies (he himself would always speak about how death is merely a transition, not an end) I still felt so so uneasy about it.

One day as I was out walking along the beach I had a song melody running in my head . When I got home I decided to write this song for Wayne. The lyrics came easily and I was most definitely guided through the process of writing it.

In this song called “A New Horizon” I sing about the Love and Wisdom Wayne shared throughout his life. I sing about how spirit never dies and how an individual’s presence lives “on a new horizon”.

I experienced enormous delays with this song but I knew in my heart it was worth the wait. I didn’t want to push against divine timing. Now that this song is released, I am so happy with the response. It has touched people in ways I can only feel grateful for. I’m so grateful for Wayne’s presence in my life and my intention is for this message to heal and comfort the hearts of people who need to hear it.

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  1. Lorraine 7 years ago

    Beautiful and haunting.

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