Mercury Retrograde: August 30th- September 22nd 2016; Change Your Mind

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Once again we are experiencing a Mercury Retrograde. Please, fear not! This time around it’s a good transit, one that is here to help and support you.

2016 has been a wild ride. Filled with twists, turns, unexpected unfoldings and surprises. The main lesson the Universe has been working to teach you is that nothing is stagnant. Nothing is set in stone. Ultimately there is no benefit in struggling to figure out where the future is taking you when you could just as easily throw up your arms and enjoy the ride.

This retrograde is occurring in the sign of Virgo, so in order to understand this Mercury Retrograde happening August 30th until September 22nd let us dive into the energy of Virgo.

Virgo is the “parts and pieces”. It’s all the little things, details and specifics that come together to make the whole. Virgo is the healer archetype, the reason being that in order to heal something we must dissect it to find what’s “wrong”. Virgo is about problem solving.

However there is what I like to call “Low Vibe Virgo” and “High Vibe Virgo”. Low vibe gets trapped in the problem, high vibe remembers that it’s looking at the problem only to uncover a solution. High vibe also knows that just because you cannot figure out the solution in that moment does not mean it isn’t coming.

In September 2015 the planet Jupiter shifted into the sign of Virgo and will leave and head into Libra on September 10th. Basically all year Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good fortune) has been begging us to take our minds off the problem and shift our focus to what’s possible. Solutions are here however we must open our mind to them. As this transit wraps up it’s truly time to adopt attitudes that support our highest potential.

At the same time September brings a cycle of Eclipses. Eclipse are game changers and ask us to transform and ascend. These Eclipses are also happening in Virgo.

The Universe is shining a spotlight on Virgo energy. It’s time to let go of the low vibe and welcome the high. This means surrender, releasing out dated thought patterns and embracing the unknown.

For the past year you’ve experienced the burdens that accompany narrow-mindedness. Blocks, limits and restraints in thinking are becoming very obvious. You can probably feel the contrast. The mind is like a toddler. It has a lot to learn, doesn’t understand everything and throws temper tantrums. Are you letting the toddler steer your ship?

This retrograde is asking us to implement open mindedness into our day to day existence. This is like a muscle and the only way to change our thoughts and attitudes is to be mindful moment by moment. By moment, by moment, by moment….

Yes it takes diligence but it’s oh so worth it. You can do it. Believe it!

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. Shannon is also excited to help individuals harness the wisdom of astrology through her new offering, The Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is available for personal astrology chart readings which can be purchased through her website.

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