Mercury Joins the Retrograde Planet Party

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Mercury has officially joined the retrograde party. Currently there are 5 planets retrograding in our skies. So let’s explore what exactly is a retrograde and why it’s time to celebrate.

Retrogrades are when given planets appear to be moving backwards from the perspective of the Earth. Imagine you are in a car that speeds past another car in the lane beside. Sometimes it looks like that car is moving backwards but really everyone is still driving forwards.

Essentially Earth right now is speeding past Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto; but it’s important to remember that it’s all just an illusion. All planets are still moving forward.

Retrogrades are times of retrospection, review, re-assessing and mostly just pausing to breath. Life may ask you to slow down, try a new way or re-look at something from your past. This could lead to frustration for those wanting to barrel forward but it’s crucial to remember that even if it does not seem that way, you are all still moving forward.

There are certain areas of each of your lives that need re-vamping. Just like a sling shot you must first pull back in order to launch farther and faster. This is a time of introspection in order to notice where are you holding yourself back. Where have you been struggling? What are you ready to release?

More that anything else this is a time of discovery. All are discovering that there is a cruise control option to life. Now that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your goals and dreams, but it does mean that you do not need to try so hard. Over the next several months take many deep breaths and allow yourself to discover there is efficiency in ease conversely there is struggle in force.

Things may not go according to your plan. If that happens trust that there is a better plan unfolding for you. Allow for flexibility and be willing to adjust.

Marianne Williamson explains that we are simply the faucet and the divine/creativity/spirit is the water that flows through us. Our only responsibility is to remain open to the flow. These retrogrades are asking us to look within in order to discover where our pipes are blocked. Where are you closing off the to the Divine?

It’s so important to become aware of our inner blocks in order to allow the water to flow through our faucets; because there are thirsty people on the planet. There are people who are thirsty for exactly what you have to offer. However in order for you to provide your special gifts to the planet you must first taking the time now to reflect upon yourself (whether through meditation, exercise, creating… anything that lights you up!).

Do not over think it. Allow life to take the lead. Centre in a space of worthiness and just observe the lessons as they come.

Mars Retrograde: April 17th- June 29th
Asking to create a new approach to how you take action. Teaching you to take action on your feelings and intuitions. Key words: Aligned action. Take a deep breath, pause and ask your soul before moving forward.

Pluto Retrograde April 18th-September 26th
Encouraging you to look at your fears. To shift external authority within, to transform the structures of your life to ones aligned with your inner truth.

Mercury Retrograde: April 28th- May 22nd
Notice where you are cutting yourself short. Where are you not feeling worthy? This is about thinking worthy thoughts, but first noticing where you are not.

Jupiter Retrograde January 7th-May 9th
Jupiter wants you to expand. In this case you are being asked to release the need to know how everything will unfold. Instead hold a space of trust and know that it’s going to be good.

Saturn Retrograde: March 25th-August 13th
Saturn wants you to commit to your potential. Ideas and inspirations are choosing you now for a reason. Take inventory of your beliefs. Once you become aware of limiting beliefs set the intention to shift them.

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  1. Joel 8 years ago

    You stated above all else your intention to BE a part of the
    Master Shift by centering in a space of Love and transforming
    planet Earth as we know it — has become Reality–
    That’s my story and in sticking to it- ❤THANK YOU❤

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