Heavenly Humanness

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Those on the spiritual path often place an emphasis on the higher realms. What is your intuition telling you? What are your dreams saying? What are you receiving during your meditation? I am guilty of believing the good, juicy, soul quenching vibes lay only beyond my ability to taste, touch, smell, feel or hear.

Of course there is a valuable world existing beyond our senses. Yet, whether we celebrate it or not; we are all here in these human bodies. I’m here to remind you that this potentially dense human experience is a blessing.

The five senses are our the gateway to the higher senses. No longer am I looking beyond the physical but I am diving into this physical experience and finding the divine in all of it.

Looking at a flower, hearing your favorite childhood song, feeling the soft cheeks of a baby, smelling your mom’s cooking and tasting a sweet piece of fruit are undoubtedly heavenly experiences. Every moment can bring profound appreciation for the gift that is this life.

Human beings are bridges connecting Heaven to Earth. We are here, held down by gravity, yet also have the ability to play in the higher realms. Like everything developing clair-senses takes determination and practice. It’s essential to keep your feet on the ground and remember that you are human. By embracing the humanness you can open the gates and let the divine flow through you and onto this physical world. In essence creating a bridge between heaven and Earth.

Meditating on the sweetness of the human experience is a great way to bridge the gap. Fall in love with the taste of your morning coffee, create barefoot walk ritual, listen to the laughter of children, stop to smell the flowers or watch the miraculousness of a sunrise. As you appreciate and utilize your five senses, your intuition will heighten and love will flow through you and flood the Earth. You may be one person but your power is infinite. Create change in your daily experience and it’s inevitable that you will be bringing a piece of heaven down to Earth.

Photo via:  Grand River, Brantford, Canada -photo by Shannon Hugman

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Shannon Hugman is a writer, an artist, an astrologer, a teacher, an assistant and more. Her purpose is to enjoy the ride, remembering that we are strapped in and supported; even when it feels like we are free falling. Shannon is available for personal astrology chart readings along with creative marketing assistance. Mostly she loves new friends so feel free to get social with her.

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