Getting Still

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Often, people tell me that they can’t meditate because they are not able to get to that ‘special place’. What is this special place? What happens at this special place?

Is it because you are trying to create this special place with your expectations rather than remaining open to allow and experience what does come up? What comes up is the ‘special place’. You might be too busy judging and resisting it, deciding whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. Or perhaps analyzing it to see if it makes sense to the logical mind?

Clean water is a goal for many Americans.

And sometimes, it may even be nothing that you experience. Nothingness is a special place too. It is here, that anything at all is possible.

When you are busy trying to make this experience a specific way, it is like struggling to shift the direction of the wave, rather than noticing a sense of stillness required within to ride the wave. It isn’t until you release the control and ride this wave, does it become less turbulent.

Get Still, my child…

Ride the wave. Get still.

It is in this stillness, that we pause the external actions.

It is in this stillness that the inner subtle activity happens, effortlessly.

It is in this inner subtle activity that the journey within begins.

It is in this journey within that we find treasures hidden, which we seek externally.

It is in this stillness, that we discover what these treasures represent in our life.

And in this stillness, we bring about the essence of these gifts within us.

Get still, my child. Get still. Get still.

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Jas Sethi

Journey to Abundance was formed in 2009 through a project that I was involved in a program for Event Planning and Management.

Since then, the pieces of the puzzle have come together, authentically shaping the direction of our Journey to Abundance, both personally and professionally.

Our path at Journey to Abundance is to empower you to live your best life. With a holistic approach of body/mind/spirit connection, we assist you with personal, physical and spiritual development. We begin in a comfortable setting with a private discussion. We then start to uncover what your blocks are, and work deeper with several techniques. We welcome you to find out more and look forward to being a part of your journey.

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