How to Get the Most Out of 2016’s New Moon in Scorpio

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The New Moon occurring on October 30th at 1:39pm EDT is asking us to go big and go home…to a sacred home within ourselves that is.

If 2016 has taught Earth one thing, it is that everything is always in motion so there really is no use grasping or controlling reality.

Life is in a constant state of transformation.

Inner shifting always precedes external manifestation. As humans, we are often taught to fear the unknown, doubt the unseen and struggle to stay in control of our realities. That old paradigm has now run it’s course. It no longer feels good to dwell in that old state of being; in fact it can be downright painful.

Instead you have been given an opportunity to play a whole new game.

However to embrace this journey you must befriend the unknown. What if instead of fearing the unknown, you became excited and in a state of anticipation. What if you could surrender to the force of life which has an intelligence of its own?

This intelligence grows your food, created your body, breathes through you, is behind the smiling baby, the blooming flower; everything.

What if it was safe to trust? What if you laid down the rope and chose to no longer play the tug of war between your feelings and your reality?

Instead recognize that you feelings are guiding you, they are showing you how to expand, what to follow and how to grow. Remember that your vibration is creating your reality.

This means when chaos is unfolding, instead of obsessing over it; pull away and turn within.

Come home to a space inside yourself that is just for you. Maybe it’s the feeling of curling up in a blanket, a walk in nature or simply a deep breath. Now is the time to cultivate an inner sanctuary if you have not already. This does not have to be a complicated process. It’s a simple as taking a pause and connecting to your inner realm.

There are many crazy stories unfolding on our planet right now. Opinions are heated and solutions seem complicated. However the true lesson of this New Moon is to become your own authority. You are not your country, your political system, your debt, your divorce, or anything that has seemingly “defined” you.

You are a miracle. You are unlimited potential. You are powerful.

It may seem counter productive, but turning away from the external problems and connecting to a peaceful space within is the most efficient way to bring about change right now.

This New Moon calls for space. Transformation is happening. Change is here. It’s now. Connect to you desires. What do they feel like? Vibrate along side them. Look away from 3D reality for now. Engaging in dead end conversations will only perpetuate the problems. This is a time to pause. This does not mean you are to ignore everything forever; the time for action is around the corner. However right now, just pause and cultivate security within yourself .

The wave of transformation hitting our planet and every being on it is inevitable. Believe in the future, have faith and hold space within your being.

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