Gearing up for 2017’s Eclipses: The Summer of Unconditional Love

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As we wind down from a mega potent and powerful Full Moon which occurred on July 9th; it’s normal to feel a bit shell shocked.

It’s crucial to remember that we, as humans, have freewill. The planets are not forcing us to do anything and they are not in control of us. However they are creating currents of energy which flow around us. When we choose to align with these energies essentially our individual wills become in synch with the “divine’s will”.

Think of the divine will as the force of life. It’s the power that grows fruit, gestates a child within the womb or blooms a flower. Simply put: it knows what it’s doing.

We have the opportunity to allow this force to work through us and with us. However that often means surrendering control and releasing the ways in which we sabotage ourselves.

That’s where we’re currently at. When we’ve been hit again and again by big waves; it’s easy to feel afraid of the water.

Fear not though; not only can we swim but we are equipped with all the gear needed to soar.

The rest of this summer requires courage and bravery on our parts. It requires us to remember not only will we get through any storms that are occurring; but also that these storms are creating wind beneath our sails.

Take some deep breaths. Relax. Stay in the present moment.

Have a escape plan for when crippling fear hits. We have fire drills for a reason. Create a way to respond when fears start bubbling to the surface…

…because the pot is boiling. Outdated beliefs and attitudes that have kept us small are detoxing out of us. No, it’s not comfortable, but a detox never is.

August ushers in Eclipse season and many blessed changes. Basically the energetic reset button is being switched. We are all returning to love. Not just personal or romantic love; unconditional love.

More on details on August’s Eclipse to come…for now our assignments are to observe where we have placed conditions on love. Where have we created dams that are stopping love’s rivers from effortlessly flowing? Where can we continue to move with life; instead of against it.

May we all ask ourselves, “how can I get out of my own way?”

Remember when we ask that answer will always be given; although it may not come as we expect.

In the final weeks of July and into August may we laugh, play and not take everything so seriously. The time for eagerness, ambition and striving will come. For now though, our cosmic curriculum is to have some fun while cherishing what we already have.

Here’s to unconditional love for ourselves, our planet and each other.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an intuitive astrologer, teacher, emotional healer and writer. You can explore her online astrology classes and schedule personal readings at her website


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