Full Moon December 25 2015; Let it Go, Watch it Flow

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December 25th is a full moon in the sign of Cancer. Full moon energy can unfold in many ways. Essentially the sun and the moon are in opposite signs. This could lead to “tug-of-war” energy with both sides pulling against each other in opposite directions. However ideally, this energy finds a compromise, meets half way and manifests as two strong pillars that support each other. To get to that place of expansion and support; we must let go, release and allow transformation to occur.

The sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn energy loves to achieve, commit and accomplish. When here, we often are work oriented and feel good when we understand and see the next step. It’s practical and wants to accomplish goals, build and navigate this physical reality.

The Moon is in it’s home of Cancer. Here the focus is sensitivities, self nurturing and being gentle. I like to say Cancer is the soft squishy area of the zodiac. It’s all feels here, which means at times it’s not possible to stick to the plan and get the job done.

We are entering a new dawn on this planet; one where working hard is not as efficient as working smart. Avoid the tendency of all work and no play. When we embrace the drive of Capricorn yet honor the emotional side of Cancer; we can allow our feelings to guide us to the next best step. By taking action from a place of intuition we can maximize our impact.

For example let’s say you are late for your flight and you are running with your head down as fast as you can towards your gate. You are so determined to reach the gate there is no time to stop and catch your breath; instead you must continue to rush forward. This full moon is teaching us, that even though you “think” there’s no time to pause, the fact is by pausing and looking around you notice there is a moving sidewalk beside you; which gets you to the gate faster and easier.

This week, especially December 25th, notice your triggers. Notice what is frustrating you. It’s a time of cultivating an awareness of old outdated patterns. It is definitely not a time to shame or blame yourself. If you have been pushing forward, ignoring your feelings, that’s ok! Once you become aware you can choose to let these habits go and the feelings will flow under the light of the moon. Simply set the intention to make a shift in a light, playful, open hearted way. Full moon’s shine light on deep emotions which are often hiding in the depths of our subconscious. We may not “think” they are pretty, but the fact is these feelings are surfacing so that we can become aware of them and allow healing to occur.   

Right now there is an energy of achievement on the Earth and we all have goals that are coming to fruition. No matter how much urgency or push you feel to move forward; honor your body and how you are feeling. If you need a breath, take one. A nap? Enjoy it! By listening to our feelings, diving into them and hearing their guidance; we will all discover moving sidewalks that gracefully take us right to where we are striving to be- stress free!

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About the Author: 

Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, writer,teacher, assistant and more. Shannon loves nothing more than to share the wisdom of the planets. She is available for personal and group astrology chart readings. Mostly she loves new friends so feel free to get social with her. Find her at www.shannonhugman.com, on Facebook and Instagram.

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