Forgiveness- The Journey

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The act of forgiveness is one of the highest, most profound, enlightening, and freeing things we can do. The soul awakens when we forgive, our body heals, while the ability of our heart to love unconditionally grows stronger. The benefits of forgiving yourself, or another is at the root of all well-being in the mind, body and soul.

Yet, it’s the most difficult of all spiritual practices to accomplish. Why is it so darn challenging to forgive?

Forgiveness is a journey, not a concept. It’s not as easy to implement as let’s say, being grateful for what you have, instead of what you don’t have. Forgiveness must be experienced as a journey for many reasons – we’re dealing with emotions.

When we experience a hurtful situation, the wall around our heart grows strong to protect us from further hurt. We don’t consciously construct that wall, but the Ego automatically creates a fortress for emotional and physical survival. The Ego thinks it’s doing you a favor by creating a wall of anger, hate or fear which isolates love.

Forgiveness breaks down the wall. Herein is the journey. A concept alone cannot break down the emotional wall around your heart. When someone tells you to forgive, often times your first reaction is “No.” Emotions are delicate energies in need of acknowledgement, and understanding. The conscious thought to forgive is a good start. But that thought alone, is not enough. Forgiveness runs deep, and touches us in profound ways that thoughts alone cannot reach. Because forgiveness is not usually an immediate reaction, the journey can take time, perhaps many years.

The very thing which makes you feel powerless, is the very thing which will render you powerful.

Every experience is meant to awaken your soul, heal and empower you in some way. Not all situations are pleasurable, and those which are unpleasant are the catalysts to empower you. Making the choice to heal, and forgive is within your control. This renders you powerful!

All your feelings need attention- the hurt, anger, betrayal, sadness, and even hate. I’ve allowed such feelings to surface as I sat in my Shadow for weeks at a time and never felt unenlightened. Rather I felt the power of Soul love emerging as negative emotions slowly surfaced and released.

You are not unevolved to feel these feelings. You are human. Suppression of these emotions won’t bring healing or enlightenment, instead it will bring lasting negativity, and possibly disease. The mind can trick us into thinking we can simply change our emotions with a thought. We cannot. Emotions are meant to be felt, despite the challenge. You cannot be selective and choose only to feel love, and not anger. To think you can remain positive in every waking, or sleeping moment is false. So don’t try. Denial of any emotion hinders your ability to forgive and move on with freedom.

Our truest responsibility is to the soul, everything else is secondary.

Forgiveness heals past karma as the energy travels into the past, present and future releasing the need to repeat the same circumstance. You don’t have to remain in contact with anyone with whom you have a forgiveness journey. Every experience teaches us about ourselves and others; our Darkness, and our Light. Love yourself more. Loving yourself creates trust, empowerment, health, freedom and your heart’s desire fulfilled. Your heart is your greatest asset as a magnet for love, improved relationships, and creativity. Our truest responsibility is to awaken the love of Soul.

The human condition is not always easy. Not everyone will be able to forgive, simply because the incident might be too tragic to overcome. Do your best to heal yourself. Those of us who were not directly affected will hold the space for forgiveness at the soul level. We are all One.

About the Author: Pauline Capalbo is an energy healer, spiritual teacher and intuitive, in private practice since 1999. Her work enhances personal empowerment and healing through integration of mind, body and soul. She’s worked with children and conditions ranging from cancer to depression. She has a B.S. in Human Resource Management, is Certified as a; Thought Field Therapist, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Light Body Healer. She has a PhD in Metaphysics, and is trained in Transcendental Meditation. Face Book: Pauline Capalbo or Awakening of the Soul.


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  1. Aaron 8 years ago

    While I enjoyed and agreed with nearly all of the advice offered in this article, there is one thing that always gets left out of articles like this: Forgiving those who habitually or intentionally hurt you is not only counterproductive, it’s downright toxic. For those people forgiveness should be reserved for them when they are no longer a part of your life. Forgiving ongoing bad behavior is self destructive.

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