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By Michael S. Tyrrell

Happy “Earth Day” Dear Ones,

Historically, April 22nd is a global celebration of the big blue marble we affectionately call “Earth.” As I write, our Earth is spinning at a dizzying clip of plus/minus 1000 mph, depending on your geographical location. Yet, regardless of this rapid rotation, we who live and move on the Earth are stable, at peace, and capable of performing even the most intricate of tasks, virtually unaffected by the spin.

Besides it’s rotational dance, did you know that our Earth sings? I am thrilled to tell you that our planet has a beautiful voice, and I have heard it! Let me explain. I travel frequently. On a visit to Fairbanks, Alaska, I found an extraordinary place where you can actually hear the song of the Earth. In the Museum of the North located on the campus of The University of Alaska in Fairbanks, there is room called “The place where you go to listen”. There is no way to convey the sensation of not only hearing the songs of the Earth, but also seeing those frequencies as they correspond to light. There is nothing better than experiencing the organic “show and tell” of light and sound.

It is imperative to understand that not only the Earth, but also literally everything, is frequency and thus possesses a resonant frequency. Every facet of creation—including you—vibrates at a unique specific frequency. Your innate frequency is your sonic fingerprint, your personal soundtrack, your song! Like a snowflake, there are no two alike … your frequency is 100% original, unlike anyone else in the world. So now, if you would indulge me, I would like to open the lens to show you why I have chosen to celebrate you during this year’s Earth Day.

As you know, Earth Day is a celebration of our planet, known as Earth. It is amazing to me that from the beginning, men (and women!) have felt a strong connection to the earth and worked it so that it produced sustenance for survival. But did you know, dear one, that you, too, are regarded as “Earth”? The LORD God formed the man from the soil of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. Is it too much of a stretch to believe that the Creator would choose a substance pivotal to growth, i.e., earth, to form our bodies? It wasn’t dust or sand, which are not conducive for growth; it was earth (the Hebrew word is “Afar”). In essence, from the Earth we were created and to the Earth we will return. But that is not all. Note that 71% of our Earth is covered with water. We human beings, having bodies comprised of a similar proportion (70%) of water, also have a powerful connection to the sea. The blood in our veins that provides life to the body is closest in comparison to … you guessed it—saltwater!

With that being said, I am moved this year to celebrate the salt of the Earth as well as the earth from the Earth, namely, you and I. You see, as much as I love planet Earth, I love its “Earthlings” even more! Without people, our lovely orb would exist as merely an uninhabited piece of real estate with a beautiful voice, yet, no audience to sing to. This glorious planet was created for one divine reason and one reason only: for us!!! So by all means, don’t curtail any of your yearly traditions in observance of Earth Day; dim the lights, save energy, ride your bike to work, whatever you do is a blessing. What I am advocating is an addition, not a subtraction. This year, remember to celebrate yourself, each other, and of course, the Creator who made the Earth and the blessed recipients who live on it! Have a magnificent day.

Be Whole, Michael

About the Author: Michael S. Tyrrell
Michael S. Tyrrell is an author, Grammy Award winning musician, composer, producer, and the founder of “Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.” Wholetones was created to promote positive, healthy change and is comprised of seven unique songs, recorded in seven different frequencies, that facilitate physical and mental healing and bring a tangible sense of peace. Wholetones differentiates itself from traditional music therapy with its unique use of specific frequencies other than 440 hertz. Michael also created Wholetones Chroma which adds a visual and color element to the frequencies.

Michael’s mission is to bring love, healing, and motivation to a hurting world. In doing so, he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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