If You Were to Depart Today, What Would Be Your Last Words?

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A new independent short film, ‘Last Words’, tells the true stories of 8 convicts on death row and their last statements just before being executed by the state. Our intention in sharing this video is to cultivate a shift within how we define “justice”. When we center our hearts, we know that peace can only come from peace. Forgiveness heralds the way for a new paradigm. Suffering only leads to more suffering.

The words of the accused are filled with despair, anger, regret and even love. This film gives the audience a chance to look into the eyes of the those who are living their final moments on Earth. One cannot help but feel the deep regret of someone who took the life of another human being or the anxiety of a man who decided to prove his innocence for the last time in front of the people who condemned him. Or even the melancholy of someone who has already accepted death with surprising resilience. Further the moving request of the condemned for the family of the victim to rid their hearts of hate so that they may experience peace for the rest of their days shows you a perspective you may not expect.

As Churchill wisely said: “If you kill the murderer, the quantity of murderers will not change.”

Last Words’ brings us the opportunity to reflect about the death penalty, a barbarian act still legal in more than 20 countries around the world like USA and China. Is this the kind of justice we want to see on the New Earth? Is this the example of “justice” and “judgment” we want for our kids and the next generations? Peace can only come from peace.

With this film we aim to raise awareness about the death penalty,  generate discussions and hopefully change the laws in a a near future.” – says Lucas Jatoba, who directed and produced the film.

Watch the video here:

Last Words from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

All cases are real and were sourced from Murderpedia.org.


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