Dear Little Brother

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Written by:  Misha Cihakova

Dear little Brother,


Last couple of days might have seemed like I was turning my back on you, however, I believe that it was just the opposite of what was really happening. Sometimes we cannot see the bigger picture until we actually see it.

The following piece of writing is in no sense any teaching or lecturing from me. I would never dare! Let’s say that it is just a Soul speaking to another Soul; enjoying the gift of completely honest communication with no agenda and celebrating the energy of expressing itself through writing.

Spiritual Path

If my life taught me anything, my little Brother, it was to know the big difference between reading about spirituality, talking about it, understanding it, resonating with it and actually living it. I call the process of the real spiritual life Awakening. For me it is not really something you intentionally choose; it’s rather an unconscious decision of your Soul demonstrating itself throughout your life. A pack made by the Soul with itself while created.

In all modesty, some people say that I have this Light or they call it Fire which they love about me and are naturally drawn to despite the fact that they can’t really figure out what it is. I just want to say that no matter what you call it; it wasn’t free. The Depth dear? I haven’t found it anywhere just lying on the ground. I didn’t just pick it up. I have worked very hard for it and sometimes even fought. I’ve fought tooth and claw and not just within this lifetime if I dare to guess.

You have probably already heard many times the cliché about balance between the two opposites. Yin and yang, right? When there is Light; there must be the same amount of Darkness otherwise it’s not harmonious. This is not a cliché for me anymore but more of a law of Nature that I need to respect.

And there is Darkness on the Path towards your genuine Self.

You will meet the scariest things you have always feared my little Brother. You will feel emotions that you have never wanted to feel. And the worst part of it?

Those things are you. Those things and emotions are parts of you which you have been hiding in the most distant places of your Heart; in your private hallway guarded by Cerberus. There, behind the locked door, lives your Shadow; your dark side which is waiting for you to make peace with it and to embrace it.

I am on my Path Brother. On the Path to Freedom, Love, Peace and Innocence; I am hoping.

Am I making mistakes on the Path? Yes, indeed! Does it hurt sometimes? Yes. Have I ever regretted entering the Path? Oh dear, many times! Is it the right path for you? I have no idea. Is it the right path for Humanity? Who the f*** knows? Do you want to risk the safety of your chrysalis for the Unknown?

Honestly, it is not always easy to walk the spiritual path but the reward each time you break through one of the cold dark layers of yours! The bliss! The peace! The Ecstasy! After each storm there comes the Silence and the Wisdom. However, one cannot exist without the other.

I am on my Path little Brother, listening to my Heart, moving forward, sometimes slowly step by step, sometimes treading like a herd of wild horses, sometimes grounded, stuck and almost not able to move while sometimes soaring in the sky; completely lost in the dance with the wind. It is MY path. My life and to go against it would mean to go against my Truth, my God, mySelf.

Isn’t it beautiful and liberating to have your own personal kind of religion? When you are truly free you can see people for who they really are, you can see the world for what it really is in its absolute Authenticity. Then there is no drama of the Ego and then there is no pain. You hear the bird singing joyfully, you see the sun rising from behind the mountains, you smell the dying storm, you taste your lover’s lips, you can feel the tiny drops of mist on your skin and it feels like the first time although it is not.

The words are gorgeous, aren’t they? Easy but powerful. However, I have to agree with Svatopluk Cech who said:

“Even the smallest deed is more than a bare word.”
And that is something I believe in from the bottom of my heart right now.
Therefore I can offer you nothing little Brother but being a fellow Soul on this journey for you and if you ask, giving you my humble point of view.
You said: “I believe our communication is not only a golden key to being friends, it has something higher attached to it.”
Let me just add a quote from a favorite song of mine:
“How high does the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down then you’ll never know.”

With Love and Respect to my fellow Soul, M.

About the Author: Misha Cihakova

A spiritual warrior from the heart of Europe.
An awakened woman with Slavic blood.
A writer whose muse is found in the depth of peoples Hearts and infinity of their Souls.
A dreamer who gets charged by the beauty of myths, legends and fairytales.
A Scorpio who is magnetically captivated by the Unknown.
A friend who always enjoys a heartfelt hug.
A dedicated student with major in Authenticity of Life.
A human being who is simply hoping for a better world.


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