Daily Self-Confidence Affirmation

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Self Confidence Affirmation

I have confidence to fully express myself, whatever I am feeling I honour it and flow with it. I am acting only in confidence because I truly believe in myself and know that I am a beautiful person. I know others can see the beauty within me as I see the beauty within them as divinity comes from the same place. Being confident means knowing who I am and who I want to be – having no shame, embarrassment or resistance.   As I transcend into acceptance, I embrace all that I am being sure that I love who I am because essentially I am whoever I choose to be.  I have that power within myself.



About the Author: 

Sian Davies – Traveller, yogi, aspiring mindfulness and life coach.

To each and every one of you beautiful beings,

I write each and every post with the intention for you to uncover the power and potential within yourself as a human being; to bring awareness to your mind to create a happy, positive life for yourself.

I have a strong calling for helping people and feel deeply fulfilled by doing so.  I hope this post brings you light and positivity in some way.

Please feel free to contact me (I love connecting and sharing with new people)

[email protected]


I wish you all the health, happiness and love in the world.



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