Creating Space for Small Miracles Using Reiki

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By Carina Hammarsten

For about 10 months I had a woman and her husband on reiki treatment. This couple had made attempts to get pregnant but had not yet succeeded although both yearned dearly for a little love child.

I offered them reiki treatment and explained that this kind of treatment will remove any blockages in the energy flow in the body and create a balance of energies and the entire endocrine system in the body.  I started this with a reiki and energy treatment. And while I deal with the energy, sometimes it also occurs that the Angels relay messages that are beneficial to the client receiving treatment. These angels create stronger and more powerful energies to those who really need it. In special moments even  loved ones from the other side come down to visit, assist, help, support or give any message that will help the individual to move forward.

The women felt the energies in the room before the treatment and became excited. When she laid down on the massage table and I put stones on her chakras and played some soft relaxing music in the background. I explained to her that “the angels are with us,” and she was very moved. She explained that she felt an inner calm and that she felt the energies flow in the body, up and down in her body.

I explained that one of the angels now also showed a little boy they had with them, a little boy who came to hold her arm (right side) where she was receiving her energy treatment. The boy stood very still, with his little hand on her arm and stretched up to look at her as she lay on the massage table. The boy was just over 1 1/2 – 2 years old, with brown curly hair and blue clothes. He smiled and was excited to see the woman lying there, right in front of him.

He turned to me and explained that “she’s my future mother,” and he lit up like the sun on your face at having finally got to meet her and see her, with his own eyes. He was very exited.

I was moved inside, I was filled with the boy’s love for his mother and I was also very touched to have seen her future child. The woman was surprised and perhaps a little shocked, but at the same time very grateful for her encounter with angels and the little boy. I described the boy’s appearance to her in detail as best I could and she explained that “it sounds just like my husband, what he looked liked as a child”.”

After the treatment, I explained to the woman that “it would not surprise me if you become pregnant soon” and she lit up like the sun and said “do you really believe that?”

In 2 1/2 weeks she contacted me to tell me that she had become pregnant.  I’m really-happy for her, but I’m not exactly surprised for I knew this could happen.

10 months later I met with this women in town. While we stood there talking, a wonderful, beautiful, small, pure white feather and fell down in front of us and put itself at the woman’s feet. I said to her, “there you have the message from the angels that the baby is on the way soon.”

The woman smiled and I felt so happy for her.

Two weeks later they became parents to a wonderful little angelic boy.

Happiness is indescribable for these parents and I know they will be absolutely amazing parents to this small, special boy who has already shown himself to me and that will do great things here on earth, as the little angel he actually is.

There’s a reason for everything, you just have to dare to believe it is possible.

About the Author: Carina is a Reiki Master and Reiki therapist and owns the company CH Spiritual which was established February 2014.

She is a spiritual medium since 2004 and I does guidance, spirit portraits, and preventative reiki treatments. Find her online at

Carina believes the goal of treatment is to prevent depression , mental illness , stress, burnout, and find your inner and your inner strength. To cultivate a better cooperation with your own intuition and also ease pain. Everyone may learn to develop personal development through thier own intuition , their own sense of self, your energy , their higher self , and in the spiritual and psychic but also by learning how to live in the present . Carina also provides courses in reiki , where you become informed and get through the courses in three steps teach you to give this wonderful life energy to yourself and others and work proactively to feel your own good.



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