Coming Out of the Shadow of Mars Retrograde 2016

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Has 2016 felt like a heavy, pressure filled year? A large part of the intensity of this year can be attributed to Mars Retrograde. I like to emphasize that the planets are not doing anything to us; rather they are currents that are unfolding around us. It is our choice to swim with these cycles or struggle upstream. I believe the purpose of Astrology is to enhance our free will choices not dictate them.

To better understand this Mars Retrograde let us take a look at the symbolism of the planet Mars and the sign of Scorpio. A retrograde is a time of all things “re”; review, re-look, rethink etc…Mars is the planet of action so when it retrogrades we are re-looking at how we take action.  Mars represents our will power, it’s from where and how we take action. Mars is the courage and confidence to act and create our lives.

Basically the Universe is teaching you to play big. There is a ton of inspiration and potential floating around; but you may have been holidng yourself back. The first half of this year has been helping you to become aware and release your self sabotaging tendencies so you can step into your highest potential.

This may sound over whelming, but it is actually very simple. The key is to follow your feelings. Do what lights you up. Commit to what leaves you feeling expanded and free. Draw boundaries with those who make you feel confined, stuck or stagnant. Stop the habits that hurt your being. There is a mega power in saying no right now.

Here’s a time line of Mars Retrograde:

February 17th – April 16th: Mars is in the retrograde area (or shadow). Notice how you take action during this time period. Take inventory of what you know to be true and what it means to act on that truth. However Mars is going to retrograde over this area creating a sort of review. Know that what unfolds during this time may change later for the better.

April 17th-June 29th: Mars is retrograde. Things may get wonky and it’s not a time to force or push your way through life. Instead trust the process and continue to explore your inner truths. Notice how these may change. Allow everything to unfold in it’s own time. Changes are opportunities to learn so be open to the transformation in order to receive from it.

June 29th-August 21st: Mars begins to move forward. However during this time it will be doing a final review and wrapping up the lessons. The key here is to trust yourself and what you have learned. Begin to implement this learning into your life.

August 22nd: Mars leave retrograde zone, Green light! Everything will start to move forward if it has not already. A new you is born. Share yourself with the world!

Thankfully we are headed to the final phase. Life may have felt like a sad song. A song that pulls on your heart strings and makes you feel the full spectrum of emotions. Now the tempo of the song is picking up. You   are coming into the uplifting chorus. One that leaves you feeling motivated and dancing with joy. The important thing is to remember the full spectrum of emotions. To love every part of yourself. To remember that the depths of your being are not something to fear. It’s time to rise, to share your authentic self and make the world a brighter place just by being you.

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About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. Shannon is excited to help individuals harness the wisdom of astrology through her new offering, The Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is available for personal astrology chart readings which can be purchased through her website. One of Shannon’s passions is emotional healing; she is a HeartSpeak practitioner. Above all else Shannon’s intention is to BE a part of the Master Shift by centering in a space of love and transforming planet Earth as we know it.

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